AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control

It’s not always a terrible idea to let your kids use the phone because it will be quite beneficial to them. Children can use it for online education, family communication, amusement, and other purposes, but there are many risks involved that could materialize at any time. Parents must also pay attention so they can be there to assist when necessary, especially at a time when social networks are well-developed and there is a lot of unreliable information. For the same reason, there is a lot of parental control software released with the aim of helping parents control their children’s phone activities. One of them we would like to introduce here is AirDroid Parental Control.

An incredible program that will allow you to monitor any activity on your child’s phone is AirDroid Parental Control. It is specifically made to allow parents to remotely control their child’s gadget by simply pairing the two devices using the app. This program is advised for use to make sure that parents can always step in and defend their children from any negative situations that may emerge. It is not an unlawful tracking tool. Try AirDroid Parental Control if you want to provide your child with a safe atmosphere and know how to use your phone appropriately.


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AirDroid Parental Control Features & Screenshots

Main Features
Airdroid Parental Control Screenshot
Airdroid Parental Control 1
  • Daily Stats Update: When you use this software, it will tell you exactly every statistic on your child’s phone. For example, on a new day AirDroid Parental Control will tell you how much time your kids spend on their phone, which apps are accessed the most, the number of messages, calls, and more. An overview dashboard will always be displayed in detail on your app.
Airdroid Parental Control Usage Limits
Airdroid Parental Control 2
  • Manage application access time: You can completely create a timetable or a specific usage plan for your child. The monitoring tool allows you to set time periods for each app on your child’s phone. In addition, you can also intervene and disable the application indirectly through the interface of AirDroid Parental Control on your device.
Airdroid Parental Control Permission Check
Airdroid Parental Control 3
Airdroid Parental Control Permissions List
Airdroid Parental Control 4
  • Synchronize data from two devices: This feature is responsible for notifying and displaying detailed messages and calls from all social networks. Parents can see what their children are doing right now, who they are in a relationship with, and who they are talking to in a very simple way. This will make it easier for them to deal with or intervene when they feel unsafe, or to prevent scams.
Airdroid Parental Control Setup
Airdroid Parental Control 5
  • Real-time Location Tracking: This is definitely a most important feature that can also be the reason why parents want to use this tool. Because monitoring through location will be the safest precaution, they can know where their child is at that moment. Unlike other tools, this feature of AirDroid Parental Control works very accurately and smoothly even when the network connection is not stable. It ensures that children will be protected wherever they are.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemAndroid, iOS
ShippingRegister code will be sent to your email in minutes
Subscription1-Year, 1-Month, 3-Month
Support ServicesEmail, Tickets

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In conclusion, AirDroid Parental Control is a very good and effective child monitoring tool. This software is very suitable for those who want to protect their children from afar to prevent potential dangers.

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