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There are plenty of duplicate files on your computer that take up a lot of your computer space and you need to find and remove them to get more empty space. Searching for and removing duplicate files by hand are taken a lot of time and make you feel frustrated. Dupinout Duplicate Finder is a powerful duplicate file finder application that can help you locate and erase duplicate files from your computer systems.

With the help of Dupinout Duplicate Finder, you can search your computer for duplicate files and get rid of the digital junk you’ve accumulated for years. You can also delete duplicate files and free up storage space, and make room for new files. This tool will scan your system thoroughly to identify identical or similar files including duplicate documents, photos, videos, music files, or any other types of data. It also can find duplicate files based on various criteria such as file name, size, content, and metadata.


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  • Product name: Dupinout Duplicate Finder
  • Website: https://www.dupinout.com/
  • License type: lifetime
  • Platform: Windows
  • Download: DupInOut_Setup.exe
  • License code – last updated: May 25, 2024

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    • License: GIVEX-AWAYX-28038

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Click on the above download link to download the software for free. Once the download is completed, run the DupInOut_Setup.exe file to install it on your computer. Insert the license key in the clipboard then click on the “Activate” button to unlock full functionality.

Dupinout Duplicate Finder Activation
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Add Folders

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Duplicates Report

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Organize Files

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Main Features

Feature Highlights
  • With the help of advanced algorithms, Dupinout Duplicate Finder will scan your system to search for duplicate files, ensuring that no duplicates are overlooked.
  • You can modify the Scanning Criteria using this tool to meet your unique requirements. You have the option to include or exclude specific file types, folders, or drives from the scan.
  • The most helpful feature of this tool is that it previews and compares files before deleting them, and you are able to easily decide their course of action after going through various files and their duplicates.
  • Another noteworthy feature of this duplicate file finder tool is that it lets you remove duplicate files permanently or choose to move them to the recycle bin or a custom folder. It also allows you to rename them or replace them with a shortcut.
  • Dupinout Duplicate Finder provides you with a detailed scan report about the duplicate files on your computer that includes file location, size, creation date, and other relevant attributes.
  • And if you want to export the duplicate result report, you export them in HTML, and CSV formats for use later.

Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more…
Money Back Guarantee60-Day
Operating SystemMac OS, Windows
ShippingYour license key will be automatically delivered to you instantly after your purchase.
Support ServicesTickets

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Dupinout Duplicate Finder will scan your PC to find duplicate documents, music, videos, and other files and frees up several of GBs of storage.

7.5Expert Score
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  1. 2
    Customer Support

    FAILS TO REGISTER 2024-06-03: Registration codes for Dupinout Duplicate Finder v1.1.3.3 size 4,404 KB with CRC32 ECF8FC01 do not work as of 2024-06-03 – neither GIVEX-AWAYX-77290 nor GIVEX-AWAYX-28038 from this thread.

    – – – – –


    This is still at v1, I look forward to v4, but at this rate, it will take forever to get to v2.

    I suggest NOT just loooking at the competition to decide what features to incporporate in the program, but I suggest looking at USERS and what we want and expect to be able to say to our computers when searching for duplicates:

    — Hey, computer, did I mix up and save some files to
    – “C:\Install\vendor name …”
    – “C:\Documents\vendor name …”
    – C:\Users\MyName\vendor name …”
    and good old root
    – “C:\vendor name …”?
    In other words, search my WHOLE COMPUTER computer and tell me where I’m burdening myself with unintended duplicates OR duplicated storage LOCATIONS that probably would be better if pulled together into ONE directory structure. Look for duplicate DIRECTORY names, not just duplicate FILE names, even suggest that directory
    – “…\John C Smith\…”
    might match directory
    – “…\John Smith\…”
    or directory
    – “…\Smith, John\…”
    and offer to move and combine them to a preferred directory, even though there are no duplicate files, learn to consider SYNONYMS as well as DUPLICATE DIRECTORIES.

    — Do I have duplicate filenames with DIFFERENT contents, and I’d like to pull them together and RENAME them in order, such as
    – “C:\Documents\2023\My Daily Journal.doc”
    – “C:\Documents\2024\My Daily Journal.doc”
    and I want to KEEP THEM BOTH, but when I pull them together into
    – “C:\Documents\Journals\…”
    I want to rename them intelligently:
    – “My Daily Journal 2023.doc”
    – “My Daily Journal 2024.doc”.

    — Do I have installations for 64-bit programs in
    – “C:\Programs\Vendor\…”
    AND the same as a 32-bit programs in
    – “C:\Programs(x86)\Vendor\…”?
    I’ll uninstall the 32-bit versions of programs if I have 64-bit versions installed ( like IrfanView, for example ) – help me find and do this.

    — Do I have multiple copies of one image where there’s the ORIGINAL and then all different smaller sizes of trying to make it small enough for a web-share, and it took me 7 tries to get small enough, and I have 6 ‘inbetweenies’? Only the ORIGINAL and the FINAL copy are what I’d like to save, help me do that. Do I have TIF lossless copies of JPG lossy originals? Do I have JPG lossy copies of JPG lossy originals? Compare compression schemes and tell me which file has the most ORIGINAL information. Offer to pull all copies of the same image into the same master directory scheme, such as pull smaller JPG copies of one particular iamge found in in
    directories into the master directory where the ORIGINAL image is stored, and rename them intelligently:
    – DSC9987654-original.JPG, <– to big to share
    – DSC9987654-2048×1365-86%.JPG,
    – DSC9987654-2048×1365-65%.JPG,
    – DSC9987654-1024×768-85%.JPG,
    – DSC9987654-1024×768-65%.JPG,
    – DSC9987654-512×341-65%.JPG,
    – DSC9987654-512×341-16-colors.PNG <– finally small enough,
    and so on – I only want the first one – the original – and the last one – the one that was successfully shrunk to the right size for sharing, those are the two that I want to use over and over again.

    — Do I have multiple INSTALLATION files for ONE program? I only need the most recent/highest version, such as finding and offering to eliminate the prior installation files for
    – DupInOut v1.1.3.0,
    – DupInOut v1.1.3.1,
    now that I have
    – DupInOut v1.1.3.3,
    and so on for other program's installation files. For another example, I have dozens of old copies of Java that I'll never use, they are all different sizes and names, but I only want the latest/highest version – make DupInOut smart enough to look for THAT.

    THIS is what it takes to get to v4 of a program.



    + PROS: Rasonably quick and accurate, lots of controls, big clean interface.
    - CONS: Does not have some important auto-selection schemes, such as "keep copy with shortest path or shortest filename" which would eliminate "file (2).exe" in favor of "file.exe", we have to manually select every "(2)" file. Image search does not show two images as large as possible next to each other on our BIG screens so we can see the difference. "Compare two directories" does nto seem to have an option to "prefer files in directory 1"-kind of selection, so what's the point of having a special 'feature" versus just comparign files ani whatever directories we add to the "compare" list, and if we add only 2, why nto have a "prefer files in directory ___" option?
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  2. At the time of activation it gives this error:
    The activation server reported that the license key entered is not associated with this version of the product.

    Please enter a valid key qualifying this version, or install the qualifying version.

    If you believe this is a mistake, contact support with the following information:


  3. The activation server reported that the license key entered
    is not associated with this version of the product.

    Please enter a valid key qualifying this version, or install the
    qualifying version.

    If you believe this is a mistake, contact support with the
    following information:

  4. 5
    technical details
    Product Specifications
    Language support Japanese

    Why is the software I installed only in English?

  5. Giveaway Key:

    License Expires On:
    31st Dec, 2026

    Use this key the provided one is not working

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