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DVDFab Video Enhancer AI is a professional AI-based tool with powerful features for video quality enhancement and resolution enlargement. The primary function of Video Enhancer AI is the ability to enhance the quality of old videos and movies and enlarge resolution up to 4K, all in a short period of time. You just need to choose the video and then let the software output an enhanced result, no need to configure any parameters or settings.


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DVDFab Video Enhancer AI License Key Free

Giveaway Details
The giveaway has ended!
  • This is a 1-computer 1-year license
  • You get free updates for one year
  • No free tech support
  • Redeem the license key before this giveaway has ended

How to get the license key?


Go to the DVDFab giveaway page to get your own license for free (email and password)

Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Giveaway Page
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai 1

Open DVDFab Video Enhancer AI and choose “Authorize” from the main menu:

Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai How To Register
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai How To Register

Enter DVDFab Video Enhancer AI license info in the giveaway section above to activate it:

Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai License Key Free
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai License Key Free

Now you can enjoy it for 1-year full free!

Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Full Free Giveaway Key
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Full Free Giveaway Key

Feature Highlights

Features & Screenshot
  • Enhancing old videos to better quality
    When you want to improve your low-quality videos to high-quality ones, Video Enhancer AI is the best choice for you. This software boosts the saturation and brightness of images and decreases blurring and noise, bringing your old videos to life again.
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Screenshot
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai 2
  • Upscaling low-res videos up to 4K
    Video Enhancer AI allows you to enlarge the resolution of videos while enhancing video quality. The video image is upscaled thanks to the use of super-resolution technology losslessly. The quality of the upscaled video will be higher and more transparent than the original video.
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Preview
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai 3
  • Video Enhancer AI gives you the ability to make your old videos come to life again with AI’s power, thanks to using video enhancing technology. Your home videos will appear as though they were shot just yesterday!
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Models
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai 4
  • Training with neural networks: Video Enhancer AI uses neural networks to deliver unbelievable output video quality. AI models have been trained through millions of videos, movies, and TV Shows of all genres. The videos continue to evolve to present you with fantastic videos that improve over time in daily use.
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai Settings
Dvdfab Video Enhancer Ai 5

Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows
ShippingInstantly receive the latest Full Version download link and license code
Subscription1-Month, 1-Year, Lifetime
Support ServicesForums, Tickets

User’s and Editor’s scores

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8.3 Total Score

Video Enhancer AI is an AI-based video enhancement tool that enhances the image using AI. No need to configure any parameters or settings, you just choose the video and then let the software output an enhanced result.

8.3Expert Score
Customer Support
5.8User's score
Customer Support
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  1. 4.5
    Customer Support

    DVDFab Video Enhancer AI improved my watching experience a lot.What’s more, it’s quite easy to use.I can bear the uninstall inconvinience. Because for a girl who knows nothing about technology, it is relatively a good choice comparing to the others.

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  2. 1.35
    Customer Support

    Don’t use the link provided, it’s the wrong package and will only bloat your system.

    This is a direct link to the package:

    DVDFab is a Chinese company and very well-known for having very dubious privacy policies. That being said, there are a *lot* of bits and pieces that insist on having internet access – all sending data to various locations in China.

    The tool itself is simple to use – almost too simple. It lacks a lot of the better output features a regular user would like to see. This is going to be suitable for people looking for a very quick and easy fix to improve video. The results are mediocre, there are better packages and solutions available, but for the general/basic user, this is very easy to use.

    The only real concern with this package is with the telemetry and there is a lot of it. Install on a VM box and see for yourself. I would NOT install this on a production or corporate machine.

    FINAL WARNING – It is also VERY difficult to fully remove ALL of the DVDFab installation files. I needed to edit my registry, safe boot to delete files that were mysteriously locked, etc. Plus, it *insists* on running an ‘agent’ at startup. Very, very bad packaging and policies. Use at your own risk.

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    • Thanks for sharing,
      – I have just updated the download link as your comment
      – To uninstall DVDFab software, I used IObit Uninstaller Pro and it completely removed all files on the Windows system. You should try an uninstaller instead of the default Windows feature.

      • A third-party app should not be required to properly uninstall something. It speaks to the nature of DVDFab and the tactics of the authors, adding (without your knowledge or approval) items to the start-up, even ones that remain after removing the main package.

        No, this practice is becoming too common, especially with ‘give away’ editions of software.

        IObit, DVDFab and so many others are on my perm-block list for their shameful policies.

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