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DiskGenius Professional Edition (old name is PartitionGuru) is the ultimate software suite for those looking to enhance their data management and recovery capabilities. DiskGenius Professional provides advanced functionalities suited for home users, small business owners, and IT professionals. This comprehensive toolset includes robust options for recovering lost data, managing partitions, backing up crucial files, and optimizing disk space and computer performance. With the added ability to handle complex tasks like managing network computers and recovering from virtual environments, DiskGenius Professional stands out as a resource in any tech arsenal. Whether you’re safeguarding business data or enhancing personal computer performance, this DiskGenius edition ensures reliable and efficient management of all your storage needs.


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Eassos Diskgenius Professional - Personal
Eassos DiskGenius Professional - Personal
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DiskGenius Professional - Family License
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Diskgenius Professional - Personal
DiskGenius Professional - Personal
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Feature Highlights

Features & Screenshot

Data recovery

The product lives up to its name, as it is exceptionally amazing at recovering your lost data. From deleted files to RAID data, this software can bring all of them back as you desire. According to numerous research and experiments, the product has versatile features and satisfying recovery results.

Besides, the software gives you a sneak peek at the files, which is significantly useful when it comes to determining whether the files are going to be successfully recovered or not. During scanning, you can also recover data, which will speed up the recovery speed. This feature also includes a full-featured hexadecimal editor to serve advanced data recovery in case you wish for it.

Eassos Diskgenius Professional Screenshot
Eassos Diskgenius Professional Screenshot

Partition management

The key features do not stop at recovering data only. They go beyond that. This EASSOS PartitionGuru Professional can even resize the partition, convert MBR/GPT, and back up/restore the partition table. Not just resize the partition, the product will also create a partition, format a partition, split a partition, delete partitions, hide them or even modify the partition parameters.
This smart management process is skillfully put into the processor of the software by the manufacturer. This is the top favourite feature of this software.

Eassos Diskgenius Professional Partiton Manager
Eassos Diskgenius Professional Partition Manager

Backup and restore

The backup process will cover not only data but also the system, the partition, and the device. Imagine being able to have multiple restore points, fully back up the device, clone the partition and disks, and even copy different sectors. Doesn’t it sound great? The software will also enable you to backup and restore the partition table.

More features

There are even more features coming from this EASSOS Partition Professional. The product offers quick partition and hard disk tests. Furthermore, as it backs up your data, it will also verify and repair all of your bad sectors if you wish to. And not just backing up the data, the software will also delete the data for you, safely and quickly. Purchasing this software means you can easily change the drive letter, set the volume name, and check the partition table errors. Nevertheless, you can also convert dynamic disks back to basic and change the primary partition to logical and vice versa.

Eassos Diskgenius Professional Disk Manager
Eassos Diskgenius Professional Disk Manager

Pricing Plans & Conclusion

Price & Conclusion

Like any other software that backs up your data, this EASSOS Partition Professional will offer a free trial for a short period. After the free trial is over, if the user develops an interest in the product’s features and functions, they can purchase the product right away by paying $69.95, which has been lowered from $79.95.
This price is considered an extremely reasonable price for software full of handy and useful features. You will not be disappointed with the operation of this software.

Have you accidentally deleted some necessary files or wrongly removed some important data that was compulsory to have? Do not worry—this Eassos DiskGenius Professional will help you recover those deleted files and data you wish to have back.
This software is searched by lots of people. DiskGenius Professional is loved for its excellent and handy features. You will have a great experience with this software.


Frequently asked questions


What is Eassos DiskGenius Pro?

This software is used for data recovery, partition management, and data backup, and it aims to enhance computer performance and storage management.

What are the key features of DiskGenius Pro?

Key features include data recovery, partition management, RAID recovery, Windows Storage Spaces support, virtual disk and BitLocker management, and access to Ext4/3/2 in Windows.

Can DiskGenius Pro recover data from RAW drives?

Yes, DiskGenius Pro can quickly recover data from partitions that have turned RAW without needing to scan the entire drive.

How does DiskGenius Pro support RAID configurations?

It can create a virtual RAID to emulate real RAID setups and recover data without impacting the original devices, supporting RAID 0, 4, 5, JBOD, and nested RAID types.

Is there a discount available for purchasing DiskGenius Pro?

Yes, you can use the coupon code TEN***-FAAC at WinningPC to save up to 40% on your purchase.

Can I manage Windows Storage Spaces with DiskGenius Pro?

Yes, DiskGenius Pro can detect and manage Windows Storage Pools and Spaces, facilitating the recovery of lost files or partitions.

How does DiskGenius Pro handle virtual disks?

The software supports creating, opening, and writing data to .vhd, .vmdk, .vdi, or .hdd virtual disk files without running a virtual machine.

Can DiskGenius Pro access and manage BitLocker-encrypted drives?

Yes, DiskGenius Pro can unlock BitLocker drives and access the data, even if BitLocker is not supported by the version of Windows on the computer.

What file systems can DiskGenius Pro read and write to in Windows?

It can read and write to Ext4/3/2 file systems, allowing for various tasks such as creation, resizing, recovery, and cloning of partitions.

How can I convert virtual disk formats using DiskGenius Pro?

DiskGenius Pro allows for conversion among various virtual disk formats such as .vmdk, .vdi, .vhd, and .hdd without data loss.

How can DiskGenius Pro assist in recovering data from lost partitions?

It includes capabilities to recover deleted or lost partitions and restore them to the partition table, supporting file systems like BitLocker and Ext4/3/2.

Where can I download DiskGenius Pro?

DiskGenius Pro can be downloaded from the official Eassos website or from software distribution platforms like WinningPC, where additional discounts might be available.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows
ShippingFull version license code will be sent to you within minutes
Support ServicesEmail, Tickets, Training

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8Expert Score

Maintaining data has always required great consideration. Backing up and recovering data must also be crucial issues to pay great attention to. If you care about your important data and want to make sure that they will not disappear unexpectedly, purchasing this EASSOS Partition Professional is the best decision you will ever make.

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