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Protecting your computer’s memory as well as optimizing performance are always important factors to help users always have a great experience. To be able to help completely free up storage space on devices, you need to go through many steps of finding, scanning, and checking, to make sure you won’t mistakenly delete or miss anything. Especially for some important files but you don’t want them to be exposed, destroying and preventing recovery is always a priority. Because for such data, the trouble that can occur if you delete or handle it incorrectly will cause a lot of consequences as well as can directly affect your computer. Easy File Shredder is considered by everyone to be an extremely suitable tool to assist you in these cases.

Easy File Shredder is an all-in-one solution of Webmind, which can use modern algorithms to help users completely delete redundant files. From there, it will optimize as well as save a large amount of hard drive space for the computer. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the software is easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy users. It is an extremely perfect software suitable for both personal use and large businesses, so you can consider it as a useful solution for your computer.


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Easy File Shredder Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Easy File Shredder is easy-to-use file eraser software with a lot of features to offer. This file eraser tool can securely delete files beyond recovery, shred already deleted files from hard drive free space, wipe every single bit of data from your HDD or SSD, and keep your private information safe and secure.
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Easy File Shredder 1
  • Secure file deletion: Aside from simplicity and speed, the tool’s first objective is always to ensure the secure deletion of files holding your personal information. It will assure that no tool can retrieve and acquire your personal information by using the data shredding feature. When a user deletes files using Easy File Shredder, the data is replaced with random data patterns in order to conceal the original data.
Shred File Easy File Shredder
Easy File Shredder 2
  • Shred deleted files: This capability can shred the user’s deleted data from the computer’s hard disk storage space. Third-party applications or users will not be able to obtain unlawful access to these data. This is because Easy File Shredder has properly optimized the DoD 5220.22 and DoD 5220.22-M shredding algorithms to provide optimal security.
Shred Deleted Files Easy File Shredder
Easy File Shredder 3
  • Erase the hard drive on the computer: You must format the hard drive to delete the data in case you decide to sell your outdated computer and replace it with a more up-to-date one, but this is insufficient. Since there are numerous programs that can fully recover them thanks to today’s technology, your security may be badly compromised. Everyone trusts the hard drive erase capability of Easy File Shredder because it ensures that all data is gone permanently and cannot be retrieved in any manner.
Wipe Disk Easy File Shredder
Easy File Shredder 4
  • Compatible with many devices: The intuitive, friendly interface is also a factor that makes many people choose to use this software because not everyone has much knowledge about computer security. Therefore, software that can do everything automatically will save them time.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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In short, Easy File Shredder will make your data erased and completely protected from other people’s access attempts when you want to switch to a new computer. Use it to make your information more secure.

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