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Kutools for Word is a powerful plugin for Word software that helps reduce the time required for daily tasks and time on Word. This plugin adds many different tools, including renaming documents, copying them, entering titles, and more into the Word environment, which will save a lot of time for Word users. In fact, this tool has appeared much easier and faster than the duplicate tasks that most Word program users are involved with.


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Feature Highlights

Features & Screenshot

Easy to manage document content
Add-ons have been designed to help users manage their document content more easily than before, thanks to features such as document snapshots, automated text, and bookmark support. The program allows users to insert and delete bookmarks with just a few mouse clicks and help them easily access the bookmark pane for more management options. With the help of this Kutools for Word add-in, users can copy multiple documents at once, provided they are opened in Word. It also provides quick access to the location of the document or the default save location.

Extendoffice Kutools For Word Kutools Tab
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Manage page breaks and tables
The application comes with a variety of interrupting management features and makes it easy for users to remove any unnecessary interrupts, regardless of whether they are page breaks or column breaks. Moreover, it can be used to remove interrupts from the entire document or only from a specific section.

Users are given the option to select all tables in the document with just one click, and they can also select only single table rows, one cell, or one column. Moreover, the program can only select specific rows or columns from all tables to increase management. In addition to providing different breaks and table management capabilities, the program can be used to select, one-click segments based on given properties.

Enjoy the text conversion feature.
Add-ons can be used to perform a variety of text conversion operations, allowing users to convert tables in their documents into simple text quickly. Moreover, it includes support to convert lists into text with just one click, an option that can save users a lot of time.

Extendoffice Kutools For Word Kutools Plus
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In addition, Kutools for Word also has the following common features:

  • Take photos of documents
  • Ability to add different documents to interest groups that you can access quickly
  • Easily rename documents
  • A tool to copy all open documents that you are currently working
  • Open the current document location without searching in the Explorer environment
  • Ability to add different bookmarks to different parts of Word documents
  • Ability to enter ready-made text in different sections
  • For example, advanced options, only select documents with individual page numbers or linked pages or specific pages, select all tables, select all images
  • Convert tables into text, convert annotations to normal text
  • Add titles to pages, tables, and images
  • Select separately different versions of a document in different parts of the document
  • Advanced hyperlink management, the ability to remove only hyperlinks and convert them into normal text.
  • Quick Syriac between Word documents
  • Close advanced documents in different ways, such as close all, and close all documents except the current word document.
  • Ability to resize images in documents or images selected based on percentages.

Pricing Plans & Conclusion

Pricing Plans & Conclusion

Kutools for Word is being provided with a 30-day trial table with limited features. Also, after the free trial period, if you want to own Kutools for Word with a lifetime license then you only need to spend $39.00. We believe that $39.00 is a very reasonable amount to enjoy the great features of Kutools for Word

Overall, KuTools for Word is an easy-to-use Microsoft Word add-in that extends the capabilities of the application with various document and content management capabilities, allowing users to perform a wide range of operations. just one click, so saving them is a very important time and money.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee60-Day
Operating SystemWindows
ShippingInstantly receive the latest Full Version download link and license code
Support ServicesForums, Tickets

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KuTools for Word is a Microsoft Word add-in that provides users with a range of file management capabilities not available in the application itself. The features included in this program are accessible via a sub-tab located on the ribbon interface of Microsoft Word.

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