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Nowadays, proxy server plays an important role for individuals, companies, and organizations to secure their privacy when they surf the Internet. Among thousands of proxy providers available on the market now, NetNut Proxy Network stands out from the rest because of its awesome features and advanced technologies. NetNut Proxy Network is the fast, stable, and high-quality proxy service and network uptime which is packed with 20M+ Residential IPs worldwide, 1M+ Static Residential IPs, One-hop ISP connectivity, and 24/7 IP Availability.

The NetNut Proxy Network with direct ISP connections will give you the possibility to freely access any geo-targeted web data content without restrictions. Alternatively, the direct ISP connections make sure that you will get IP addresses from a trusted residential device originating directly from ISPs with one-hop connectivity. Apart from the ISP proxy network, a dynamic P2P network of NetNut can increase scalability, performance, and efficiency. Another amazing capability of the NetNut Proxy Network is that it offers private HTTP proxies that give you a higher level of security and provide an additional layer of privacy.


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NetNut Proxy Network Features & Screenshots

Main Features
Netnut Proxy Network Screenshot
Netnut Proxy Network 1
NetNut’s Residential Proxy Network Features:
  • Static/Sticky IP: Use a unique identifier and define a static/sticky IP address.
  • Search Engine-Proof: NetNut’s Residential proxies can easily support all search engine bots and crawlers.
  • IP Whitelisting: Whitelist IPs on your own.
Netnut Proxy Network Types
Netnut Proxy Network 2
  • Optimized IPs: Fully optimized proxy pools for target sites will be provided to ensure maximum speed and high success rates.
  • IP Rotation: NetNut is providing a unique IP per each browser session, which can be targeted and integrated directly into any web browser.
Netnut Proxy Network Locations
Netnut Proxy Network 3
  • Stats API: Along with the dashboard access, all usage statistics are available in near-real-time for retrieval via a simple API.
  • Optimal Latency: NetNuts exit nodes are located in major internet exchanges and data hubs, providing users less than 500ms latency from target websites.
  • A Real-Time Table: In addition to proxies provided by NetNut, an account for Traffic Data Analysis and Reporting will allow you to view current statistics in real-time, including the total bandwidth and statistics about requests, and using country account information.
Netnut Proxy Network Plans
Netnut Proxy Network 4
Netnut Proxy Network Us Datacenter
Netnut Proxy Network 5
Netnut Proxy Network Residential
Netnut Proxy Network 6
Netnut Proxy Network Isp
Netnut Proxy Network 7
  • Authentications: NetNut allows users to authenticate up to 10 different IP addresses or by username and password, a high number compared to the proxy provider in the market.
  • Anonymity: NetNut disables all headers so you can replace users’ IP addresses with your own build for a more secure connection.
  • Standard IP Updater: NetNut ensures that all proxies are exchanged once per billing cycle when the client requests it entirely for free.
NetNut’s Residential Proxy Network Use Cases:
  • Web Scraping/Data Extraction
  • SEO Monitoring/Tracking
  • Competitive Intelligence & Market Research
  • Ad Verification
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Management (SMM)
  • Price Comparison
  • eCommerce
  • Sales Intelligence

Overall, NetNut Proxy Network is a reliable and safe proxy service which provides users with a valuable layer of security to protect their computer from internet threats and full access to location-specific content. Also. their proxies perform very well for SEO tracking, web scraping/data aggregation, and market research.

Netnut Proxy Network Plan Pricing
Netnut Proxy Network 8

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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NetNut provides a wide range of datacenter proxy plans to meet your specific requirements. Looking for something a little different? We also offer rotating residential proxies and static residential proxies. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for the assistance you need.

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