Redmine Questions plugin

Redmine Questions plugin

The connection in the business is always one of the extremely important factors in all development orientations as well as corporate culture. When all questions of employees are answered promptly and accurately, it not only saves them time but also improves the efficiency of the work in an extremely obvious way. If you are a business owner or simply a team, you should consider specialized software to give employees the freedom to ask and answer questions related to their expertise. It will not cost as much as you think because there are currently many software companies that have developed convenient tools with a pretty good subscription fee, typically the Redmine Questions plugin.

The Redmine Questions plugin must no longer be strange to us, especially when you do office tasks. This is a plugin by Redmine that allows all users in the same system to easily ask questions and answer others’ questions through an online connection platform. What you may be wondering will be answered in a timely and focused way by other employees of the company. This can be seen as a connection solution as well as an extremely sustainable knowledge-building foundation for each business. All users can report and contribute their opinions in a very simple way through this smart system.


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Redmine Questions plugin
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Redmine Questions plugin Features & Screenshots

Main Features
Redmine Questions Plugin Screenshot
Redmine Questions Plugin 1
  • Create FAQs, and Q&A pages quickly: Redmine Questions plugin allows users to create communication spaces for employees in the company with FAQs or Q&A pages. Here, any user can contribute their opinions or ask questions for other users to answer. The number of questions will be stored unlimited, so the resource that users contribute will be a huge amount of knowledge and experience for new employees.
Redmine Questions Plugin Edit Section
Redmine Questions Plugin 2
Redmine Questions Plugin Add New Question
Redmine Questions Plugin 3
  • Pin-featured questions: Frequently encountered issues or questions of high interest can be highlighted by having them appear at the top of the list. This will save a lot of time searching as well as will make it easier for new users to use. Or you can tag important content to keep and easier to find. You won’t have to skim through each specific question which will lead to a waste of time.
Redmine Questions Plugin Overview
Redmine Questions Plugin 4
  • Vote for the questions: In order to help users easily identify what is the best and correct answer, the Redmine Questions plugin has a voting support feature by dropping like icons for the best answers. When you find a solution to your question, relying on the number of people who agree on each answer will help you to eliminate the inappropriate answers and easily find the right choice.
Redmine Questions Plugin List
Redmine Questions Plugin 5
  • Censorship and security of information: The information provided by the Redmine Questions plugin will be easy to check for safety and authenticity. You can also limit the editing ability of each answer to prevent others from changing the content in the wrong direction. Not only that, the data after being uploaded on the Redmine Questions plugin will not be able to be exposed because of the extremely secure encryption and control system.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemLinux, OS X, Windows
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Support ServicesEmail, Forums

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Overall, with the features of the Redmine Questions plugin, it can be said that communication at work now for large or small businesses has become much easier and faster than before. This will certainly be a connection trend among employees in the same organization. Work efficiency and effort will also be greatly saved with the convenience of this platform.

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