SecuPerts Forensic System

SecuPerts Forensic System is a powerful tool that allows you to discover which programs and documents the unauthorized user opened, and the websites they surfed. Besides, it analyses the complete hard drive and can restore deleted or overwritten files, and finds memory dumps (for example, the registry, from Skype, from the e-mail clients) and the whole browser history. In addition, using the Forensic System, you can read passwords on the computer itself and check whether the router is adequately secured against attacks.


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SecuPerts Forensic System Features

Main Features
  • SecuPerts Forensic System reads out an entire hard drive, bit by bit, including the free space
  • Create a precise image of a hard drive – precise enough to be used in court
  • Locate metadata from files and programs that were deleted long ago
  • Recreate files, even after multiple formats
  • Create an overview of all software, browsers and network communications
  • Detect and troubleshoot the impact of malware, spam or viruses
  • Crack local passwords, WLAN passwords, or network passwords (among others, with password databases or the brute force method)
  • Find information from the registry, your email traffic and browser history
  • Locate Skype information
  • SecuPerts Forensic System analyses and monitor your entire wireless network traffic
  • Professional security check for routers

SecuPerts Forensic System Screenshots

Secuperts Forensic System Screenshot
Secuperts Forensic System 1
Secuperts Forensic System Recover Lost Files
Secuperts Forensic System 2
Secuperts Forensic System Extract Data
Secuperts Forensic System 3
Secuperts Forensic System Scan Network
Secuperts Forensic System 4

Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back GuaranteeN/A
Operating SystemWindows, Linux 
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7.8Expert Score

The SecuPerts Forensic System offers a comprehensive range of analysis tools that enable users to meticulously examine their systems. This software effectively detects the presence of spyware on the computer, identifies any unauthorized access to data, monitors the entire data traffic within the home network, and provides various other functionalities to ensure system security.

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