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Entertainment live streaming on social networking platforms is becoming a new trend in the current digital age. Live streaming allows viewers to experience entertaining content and interact with their favorite celebrities, influencers, or artists. Referring to this method, we can imagine diversity and creativity, because the popular entertainment content in the livestream is extremely rich, such as playing games, singing, dancing, cooking, chatting, etc.

In addition, promoting products, and brands or organizing online events is also strongly developed through entertainment live stream. Although it has been around for a long time, there are still some users who have not yet determined the basic requirements to be a good streamer. This job looks simple, but attracting viewers as well as optimizing the livestream stages requires you to have experience or at least know how to use supporting software.

Spacial SAM Cast is a professional software that supports online live streaming audio. Through the features, you can easily create diverse and high-quality online broadcast content. The advantage of Spacial SAM Cast is that it is designed to support a wide variety of audio and video formats making it easy for users to broadcast from any audio or video source. In particular, SAM Cast also provides a lot of unique sound effects to enhance sound quality during broadcasting. Plus, you can take advantage of broadcast information management to give you more optimized control from setting broadcast schedules to tracking listens, interactions, and downloads.


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SAM Cast Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Live Audio Streaming: Spacial SAM Cast is a live audio streaming software that allows users to broadcast online audio content from their computer to the internet, including programs such as music, television, and live radio. This brings many benefits to users, helping them to transmit audio information easily and conveniently.
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Sam Cast 1
  • High sound quality: This software uses advanced audio technology to ensure the best sound quality when broadcasting. These consist of functions like audio normalization, EQ (Equalization), and AGC (Automatic Gain Control). Users can fine-tune the bitrate and sampling frequency to improve the sound quality according to personal preference. With this optimization, users can experience high-quality sound without having to worry about quality loss.
Sound Quality Spacial Sam Cast
Sam Cast 2
  • Integration with many radio servers: The software can integrate with many different radio servers. That’s why you can easily broadcast your content across a variety of channels and locations. This provides flexibility and convenience for users when it comes to streaming. Thus, users can bring their content to a wide audience on different channels and locations easily.
Server Type Spacial Sam Cast
Sam Cast 3
Server Version Spacial Sam Cast
Sam Cast 4
  • Volume adjustment feature: This feature allows users to add, reduce volume and adjust the volume of various audio sources, which optimizes sound quality and ensures compatibility between audio sources. This feature allows users to control and adjust the volume according to their needs. As a result, users can experience high-quality sound without any loss of quality.
Volume Adjustment Spacial Sam Cast
Sam Cast 5
  • Multiple audio formats: Various audio formats are supported by Spacial SAM Cast; you can set up encoders from SpacialNet,, aacPlusv2, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg, or Windows Media. This versatility enables users to simultaneously encode in several formats and bitrates, allowing them to select the format that best meets their needs based on the audio quality and file size.
Audio Format Spacial Sam Cast
Sam Cast 6
  • Event logging: With the help of Spacial SAM Cast, event logging will become a breeze. It will help you start logging events with one click and check audio levels in real time with the help of the VU meter. This comprehensive log feature gives you a detailed overview of your streaming performance hence you can view everything that is happening during your broadcast.
Event Log Spacial Sam Cast
Sam Cast 7
  • Statistics: With the use of Spacial SAM Cast, you can precisely determine how many listeners you have on each relay. With real-time statistics, this application keeps you constantly informed of the performance of your broadcast. You may then adjust your material to keep your audience interested after learning how to assess listener involvement. You may also schedule a broadcast to grow your audience and track the periods when it is at its highest volume throughout the day.
Spacial Sam Cast Statistic
Sam Cast 8
  • Friendly interface: This feature helps users find and use features quickly and efficiently. Users can customize the interface according to their preferences and flexibly use features for streaming. This saves time and energy while enhancing the user experience and making it easier for them to focus on their content.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
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Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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In a nutshell, Spacial SAM Cast is a high-quality audio streaming software that makes it easy for users to play audio and stream audio content directly on the internet.

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