Tenable Nessus

Tenable offers several editions of Nessus to meet various security needs:

  • Nessus Professional: Provides unlimited IT vulnerability assessments, configuration, compliance, and security audits with customizable reporting and advanced support options.
  • Nessus Expert: Expands on the Professional edition with capabilities such as external attack surface discovery and infrastructure as code scanning, offering enhanced visibility and security for cloud environments and DevSecOps processes.

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Popular Tenable Nessus Coupon Codes July 2024

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How to Save Money When Shopping with Tenable Nessus

  • Check for Seasonal Sales: Look out for sales events during holidays and special occasions when Tenable offers significant discounts.
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Tenable Nessus Promo Codes

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Tenable Nessus FAQs

What is Tenable Nessus?

Tenable Nessus is a leading vulnerability assessment tool that helps organizations identify and fix security weaknesses across their IT environment.

How do I install Tenable Nessus?

Download the installer from the Tenable website, run the installer, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can Nessus be used for cloud security?

Yes, Nessus Expert includes features for assessing cloud environments and infrastructure as code (IaC) security.

What are the system requirements for Tenable Nessus?

Nessus supports various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Specific requirements can be found on the Tenable website.

How do I activate my Nessus license?

Open the Nessus software, navigate to the activation section, enter your license key, and follow the prompts to complete the activation.

Does Tenable Nessus offer a free trial?

Yes, Tenable offers a free trial of Nessus Professional. You can sign up on their website.

How can I contact Tenable customer support?

Customer support is available via the Tenable website, where you can submit tickets or access live chat support.

What is the difference between Nessus Professional and Nessus Expert?

Nessus Expert includes all the features of Nessus Professional plus external attack surface discovery and IaC security scanning.

How often are Nessus plugins updated?

Nessus plugins are updated continuously, with over 100 new plugins released weekly to ensure comprehensive vulnerability coverage.

How do I update Tenable Nessus to the latest version?

Updates can be managed within the Nessus interface or downloaded directly from the Tenable website.

Can Nessus perform web application scans?

Yes, Nessus can scan web applications for vulnerabilities, including custom application code and third-party components.

How do I create custom scan policies in Nessus?

Use the policy creation wizard in Nessus to define custom scan parameters and save them for future use.

Does Nessus provide reporting capabilities?

Yes, Nessus offers customizable reporting options, including exportable formats that meet specific security requirements.

How does Nessus handle false positives?

Nessus is known for its low false positive rate, achieving six-sigma accuracy, which translates to 0.32 defects per million scans.

Can Nessus integrate with other security tools?

Yes, Nessus integrates with various security and IT management tools to enhance vulnerability management workflows.

Is there training available for using Tenable Nessus?

Tenable offers on-demand training courses to help users maximize their use of Nessus features.

How do I perform a vulnerability scan with Nessus?

Configure a scan policy, select the targets, and start the scan using the Nessus interface.

What is Tenable's approach to cybersecurity?

Tenable focuses on exposure management, providing tools to see and secure any digital asset across any platform, reducing cyber risk.

Can I use Nessus to scan for compliance?

Yes, Nessus includes compliance scanning features to audit configurations against standards like CIS benchmarks.

How do I back up Nessus configuration settings?

Use the export settings feature within the Nessus interface to back up your configurations and policies.

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