Almost every operation on your computer such as surfing the web, using software to compress, decompress any file or even uninstall software, all have the potential to generate computer junk. This is also one of the most common causes of performance drops and lags on your computer. Because, we all know computer junk is a name that refers to redundant files, existing and accumulating over time, occupying a significant amount of space, and hindering the normal operation of the computer.

The best way to solve this difficult problem is to perform cleanup and clean up the memory. If you follow the traditional ways, the effect you get is not sure to help optimize your device, so it is better to use software to support it.

WebMinds FileCleaner will be a utility for you whenever you feel that your computer is running slower and slower and search operations or programs running on your computer or browser take too long. This tool will have the ability to perform a general scan and clean up all the files and data that they consider unnecessary or take up too much of the device’s performance. A compact interface and easy operation is a great advantages if you compare them with other software. In addition, security issues in the process of cleaning junk files will also be noticed by FileCleaner to help users become safe.


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FileCleaner Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • FileCleaner helps you to clean up and optimize your pc. This Windows cleanup software deletes junk files in real time so that you can concentrate on your work. Also, it can find issues and conflicts, destroy system crashes, and repair corrupted settings. Also, the software will remove any toolbar in one click. The software works as a uninstall software, you also can use it to uninstall any program in a matter of minutes.
Webminds Filecleaner  Coupon Code Screenshot
Filecleaner 1
  • Clean up and optimize: This Windows cleaning utility enhances cleaning operations and helps keep your PC high-performance and safe. Not only that, for FileCleaner you are allowed to fix problems with the Windows operating system during long-term use. Functions such as improving computer performance, file management, and security for data can be quickly activated with a single click.
Browsers Webminds Filecleaner
Filecleaner 2
  • Accelerate PC performance: If you do not know, the CPU is not necessarily the only factor that determines the power of a device. Besides, during use, unnecessary files will arise, which will slow down the performance and reduce the response speed of the computer significantly. Therefore, you need to have third-party software like FileCleaner to help clean it all up. Freeing up memory space or clearing cookies formed during web surfing will bring your memory back with a larger storage space. It will also consume less of your computer’s performance and help it perform better.
Realtime Cleaner Webminds Filecleaner
Filecleaner 3
  • Windows Troubleshooting: This feature will intervene when it detects any problems that occur during the operation of Windows. When this feature is enabled, you will receive instructions to fix conditions such as crashes, power failures, and errors caused by the presence of too much harmful data in the device. Anytime and anywhere, FileCleaner will also restore smooth condition to your device.
Windows Troubleshooting Webminds Filecleaner
Filecleaner 4
  • Uninstall any program: There are multiple softwares on your computer that take up a lot of space or the ones you hardly use. FileCleaner also provides uninstall function to uninstall any program on your computer in a matter of minutes. It can help you remove the software’s native uninstall if it cooperates; if not, you just are able to remove all its records from your PC.
Uninstall Webminds Filecleaner
Filecleaner 5
  • Protect your privacy: As you know, in fact deleting the file from your system means masking it from the operating system. It is not entirely erased from your system and can be restored with the help of file recovery software. With the files deleted function built-in, FileCleaner is able to permanently delete files from your computer, minimizing any access and leaving you undisturbed. It also ensures no data recovery software can restore them, they are gone forever, and they completely impossible to get it back in all cases.
Shreder Webminds Filecleaner
Filecleaner 6
  • Manage your files: One of the new advanced steps of FileCleaner is to manage your files. With just a simple click, the software automatically starts scanning and detecting the largest files on your drive. When it’s done, you can preview the search results including videos, images, songs, and more for yourself before transferring or erasing them to save your hard drive space.
Large Files Webminds Filecleaner
Filecleaner 7

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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In summary, FileCleaner is one of the few solutions that can help you improve computer speed, remove junk files and protect the security of your information. With what it can do, you definitely won’t need to download any other tools to solve these problems.

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