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If you’re an online publisher or blogger, image optimization is essential for both professional and home use when you want to compress your images before uploading them online. Black Bird Image Optimizer is a professional photo optimization application that has a simple and intuitive user interface to help you compress images or resize the image files without a perceptible loss in quality. With its help, your images will be optimized to help your website load images faster.

Black Bird Image Optimizer is a trusted tool to compress not only JPG/JPEG format but also PNG image formats with ease. It allows you to upload unlimited images at once and compresses them simultaneously but still keeps quality like original files.


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Black Bird Image Optimizer
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Click on the above download link to download and install the software on your computer.

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Main Features

Feature Highlights
  • Black Bird Image Optimizer allows you to reduce the number of colors in an image but still keep its overall visual construction.
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Black Bird Image Optimizer 3
  • It supports the most popular image formats, including JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and also BMP; this can dramatically decrease the file size of the image.
  • Moreover, it does trials to find the best colortype for image files. With its help, you will be able to reduce the size of your photos several times without quality loss.
Advanced Optimization Black Bird Image Optimizer
Black Bird Image Optimizer 4
  • If you want to use it to compress or resize multiple photos at the same time with as little quality loss as possible, it also can help you. Unlimited images upload.
Batch Optimization Black Bird Image Optimizer
Black Bird Image Optimizer 5

Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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Black Bird Image Optimizer works with PNG and JPG image files to compress your images without affecting the image quality.

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  1. 0.5
    Customer Support

    Review of Black Bird Image Optimizer on 2022-09-12:

    SAME bugaboos plaguing other ‘naïve’ programmers – the screen display window is NOT resizable.

    For me, this means that the [ ACTIVATE ] button to enter the license is NOT visible, not any button on the bottom row of the program.

    2 solutions:

    – click to open [ UPLOAD FILE ], which is visible mid-screen, then tap [ Escape ], then tap [ Tab ], [ Tab ], then hit [ Enter ], and you may have landed on the [ ACTIVATE ] button, even though it’s still out of site, a window might pop up to allow entering the license,

    – or, unlock and move the Windows taskbar from the bottom of the screen to reveal the program’s bottom row of buttons, if they are not even further down.

    – or change screen resolution and or change Microsoft’s display %.

    The ongoing problem is that every time I want to use this I’ll need to move my taskbar from the bottom of the screen or change resolution/%.

    Before you bark at me, I’m using Windows 10 RECOMMENDED settings on a 1,920 x 1,080 screen – on a Lenovo Yoga 710 11.5″ screen, so ‘Recommended’ is 150% for text, aps, and other items.

    At not-recommended 100%, the BlackBird program is fully visible, but very small to read, and still not resizable.

    BlackBird Image Optimizer will blow up images to display close-to full screen, but that is also not resizable, and neither the program nor the full-size images respond to Windows reorganizing commands to stack, cascade, or show side-by-side – this program locks it’s display windows’ sizes and ignores Windows or user-requests to resize.

    Also, even after accepting the license and displaying ‘Pro’ in the top bar, it always displays the [ UPGRADE TO PRO ] button anyway, and when clicked on, it compares:
    – Trial FREE 20 Images, Brutal Optimization ( are we supposed to shell out money after seeing ‘brutal’ optimization? Is that a selling point? ), Free Updates
    – Unlimited 24.95$ Unlimited Images, Brutal Optimization ( again! ), Free Updates, Support, Batch

    Gosh it would be nice to just review the benefits of the features of a program, and not end up wasting time dealing with programmer’s user-interface naivete.

    Does NOT work on raw images, which are the only images ‘needing’ ‘optimization’, considering that JPGs and PNG are already ‘optimized’ and ‘published’, and 90% or more of the original image information captured by raw has already been tossed.

    Alright, alright, everyone re-‘optimizes’ JPGs anyway, so I tried one, and it showed ONLY in the right window, no ‘before’ version to compare to … I came here to write this, and when I went back to the program, the ‘before image’ had finally appeared.

    It seems to have a JPG % slider and manual controls for other image qualities, no ‘smarts’, no auto adjust, no resizing.

    No raw, the only image files ‘needing’ adjustment.

    We can’t toggle directly between original and ‘optimized’ versions of an image, or zoom to inspect at the pixel level.

    We can’t load a series of pictures and ‘optimize’ each one in a sequence.

    Can’t resize images, so we’d need another image program anyway.

    Sorry, I can find no accessible purpose in this program.

    Compare to

    – FREE IrfanView v4.60 that has auto adjustments, JPG % controls, resizing, batch, and so much more – it can import from a scanner.

    – FREE Google Picasa v3.9.141.259 that also includes file management, import from cards and cameras and folders for file management, slide show screen blanker, plus everything IrfanView can do, and more, and different, including batch resizing, auto adjustments – and it NEVER TOUCHES/CHANGES THE ORIGINAL.

    Considering that Black Bird Image Optimizer is ‘only’ at v1, the comparisons to v3 and v4 of the competition may seem unfair, but BlackBird could have tried them and made theirs’s at least equal if not better.

    My recommendation is that BlackBird ( or someone ) buy Picasa from Google and advance it to be all it can be ( it needs upload capability, though anyone can still write plugins ).

    In the meantime, try this program, play, and tell us if you can imagine using this or the competition more.

    Thanks for letting us explore this and share.

    + PROS: None.
    - CONS: v1 in a world of competitors at v3, v4, and so on - very unsophisticated in every way.
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  2. 3.75
    Customer Support

    This is an awesome program thank you very much I really like it.
    -You can change the colour of your picture
    -You can change contrast, quality, brightness and also blur your picture
    -Every time you change something in the picture, It shows you the final size of the resulting picture.

    I had a simple black and white picture which was blury and I easily made it sharper by changing the contrast and also making the image 1/4 of its size!

    really recommended.

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