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Blumentals HTMLPad is a powerful HTML, JavaScript, and CSS editor used by professionals and students in more than 50 countries. HTMLPad is jam-packed with features and settings that make it easier than ever to execute, modify, reuse, validate, browse, and use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. For the greatest value, HTMLPad includes a CSS studio and a robust JavaScript editor.

The application is meant to be user-friendly, and you’ll notice that right away when you use it for the first time. HTMLPad appears to be sleek, slick, and functional in every way. And, given that it also has code auto-completion, spell checking, CSS, W3 HTML, and JSLint JavaScript checking, you may start agreeing.


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HTMLPad Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • With the elegant and sensible user interface, HTMLPad allows you to generate, edit, validate, reuse, navigate, and use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code faster and easier. It loads much faster than any other editor or IDE with similar features.
Blumentals Htmlpad Screenshot
Htmlpad 1
  • HTMLPad combines the speed of a simple editor and has an advanced and fully customizable text editor. You can use it to highlight syntaxes, it supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, XML, WML, Perl, SASS, and LESS. It also can be used to edit text such as line numbering, gutter, margin, word wrap, block select, and more. Unicode, code minimap, code folding, line highlighting, split editing, and macro recorder also are supported.
Edit Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 2
  • This Blumentals app is designed to be intuitive, and you will immediately direct to any file, symbol, word, or line you wish. It also enables you to do a quick search, detailed search, regular expressions, detailed results, and more. HTMLPad lets you bookmarks and quick jumps between recent places. Bracket highlighting and HTML tag highlighting to detect matching and missing tags are also possible in this modern and lightweight HTML editor.
Search Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 3
  • The keystroke savers function enables you to get auto brackets and auto quotes. Also, the smart copy, cut, and paste feature allow you to cut, copy and paste words that are stayed at the cursor if nothing is chosen (to replace the default shortcut such as Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, or Shift+Ctrl+V).
  • The other spotlight of HTMLPad is that it can also work with advanced search and replace. If you want to go to anything, quick search, detailed search, file search, regular expressions, detailed results, and more, this software is your best choice.
Find Replace Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 4
  • The HTMLPad comes with a lot of in-built emmet plugin features that can be used with ease. It gives you the possibility to expand abbreviation, auto-expand with tab, match tag pair (outward and inward), wrap with the abbreviation, next edit point, select line, merge lines, toggle comment, split/join/remove the tag, evaluate math expression, and much more.
Plugins Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 5
  • One of the incredible features of HTMLPad is it provides HTML and CSS inspector, HTML assistants, HTML tag auto-close, CSS assistants, inline color preview in CSS, HTML and CSS code beautifier, CSS prefixizer, and CSS minifier. Mobile development, Google fonts SASS and LESS, and framework are supported. It is easy to use with simple UI and integration with W3 validators, CSS HTML Validator, and HTML Tidy for HTML5 to create, edit, validate and manage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Css Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 6
  • HTMLPad provides you with the best package on the market today with powerful JavaScript editing capabilities. It supports the JavaScript framework, JavaScript code beautifier, and JavaScript code minifier. Besides, JSHint JavaScript Checker allows you to check syntax and it only works in JavaScript files or for HTML-based files by placing the cursor inside the script block that you would like to check.
Javascrip Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 7
  • Using code intelligence HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, XML WML, and various other languages, you can easily create and design web pages. It provides a very easy-to-use environment with a straightforward code explorer/navigator. Integration with online reference is there to produce, modify, verify and manage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Language Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 8
  • Preview, so to speak, is one of the major bright spots of HTMLPad, which is designed for rendering Chrome and IE rendering, split-screen mode, screen-size testing, and XRay for HTML/CSS. It also can one-click preview in the web browser, and preview via a web server (external or built-in).
Preview Blumentals Htmlpad
Htmlpad 9

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
ShippingYour license key instantly via e-mail
Support ServicesEmail, Phone

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In summary, with all of the above to consider and a lot to discover, HTMLPad provides you with the foundation and tools you need to begin coding efficiently while also saving you time.

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