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HD Tune Pro is a program made by a software corporation of the same name whose main duty is to analyze the status of hard drives independent of HDD or SSD. This program is designed based on the most sophisticated algorithms, so it can accurately measure the speed and stability of the hard drive at the time of testing.

Using EFD Software HD Tune Pro will assist users to be proactive and be able to foresee strange difficulties that may occur over their time using the machine. The advantage of HD Tune Pro is that it is very flexible with various types of settings, so the efficiency level of hard drive health assessment is always the most accurate.

In order for a computer to work properly, its components must be compatible with each other. Hardware components as well as software must continually be in the ideal condition or consumers will not be able to take full advantage of the performance. Referring to the actual components of a computer, particularly a laptop, the hard drive is an enormously crucial and vital portion. This gadget performs an extremely crucial duty because it will be the space to store the user’s info and also the principal memory of the computer.

A solid hard drive not only helps safeguard data, but it also boosts file reading performance, keeping the system stable. However, not everyone may know the procedures to test the operational status of the hard drive if they are not particularly tech-savvy. That’s why third-party software has been built to put them in command of the health of their equipment at all times.


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HD Tune Pro Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Measure the performance of the drive: The HD Tune Pro offers the user the option to assess the read and write speed of the data. Thanks to this tool, you may examine the performance of your drive and know whether you need to improve the drive.
Benchmark Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 1
  • Error Scan: This tool allows users to scan the whole drive to discover and detect errors on their disks. Customers may then quickly resolve the problem or replace the malfunctioning drive with a new one.
Error Scan Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 2
  • Check drive health: The program offers users SMART metrics so that users may check the present health of the drive. This will help you discover drive faults, and assist you in promptly maintaining or replacing the drive.
Drive Health Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 3
  • Delete all drive data: Users may delete all data on their disks with this capability. In addition, this technology also assures that no one can retrieve the data you destroyed, helping customers secure their privacy.
Erase Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 4
  • Disk Information: This feature provides detailed information about the connected storage devices. It will show you the important specifications such as the firmware version, serial number, interface type (SATA, USB, etc.), capacity, buffer size, and more.
Disk Info Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 5
  • Temperature Monitoring: This tool has the function to monitor and display the temperature of supported drives. By monitoring the drive temperature, you can take preventive measures to ensure proper cooling and avoid potential issues caused by excessive heat.
Disk Monitor Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 6
  • Ease of use: In order to make the user experience as smooth as possible, the software has assisted the user by using an intuitive software interface along with a simple layout. Therefore, users even without much expertise can still use the software in the most effective way.
Aam Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 7
Random Access Efd Software Hd Tune Pro
Hd Tune Pro 8

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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Support ServicesEmail

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In summary, HD Tune Pro may be rated as a flexible program, giving many helpful and easy capabilities, enabling users to test, measure performance and monitor the disks in their computer system.

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