When talking about computers, the two most prevalent notions are hardware and software. Software is known as programs loaded on the operating system, while hardware is responsible for managing and running all operations on the computer. Hardware is highly vital to the running of a computer since if any component is missing, the computer will not work and cannot execute the required software. However, the speed and performance of the system rely mostly on the hardware. So when creating a new computer, you need to carefully pick the most crucial hardware components to assure the optimum performance. In addition, another technique to maintain your gadget in stable condition is to frequently check the operation of components. By utilizing specialist software like HWiNFO64, things will become easier.

HWiNFO64 is an exceptionally important tool, it lets you control and know the operational state of basic information indicators of hardware components of your devices. Components such as CPU, RAM, GPU,… and many other components in the computer are diagnosed by this software. Contrary to what users think about a specialized software that is often complicated, HWiNFO64 is very easy to use with a user-friendly interface. You can see the details of every component listed on the main window. The way to activate this tool is also very simple, users just need to run the program directly and you will have all the computer information you need. Many users have rated the program as very suitable for you to evaluate performance and test system components. Therefore, if you need an overview of the system, HWiNFO64 will help you save all information into reports in the formats you desire.


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HWiNFO64 Features & Screenshots

Main Features
Hwinfo64 Screenshot
Hwinfo64 1
  • In-Depth Hardware Information: This feature is provided to help users get an overview and then quickly drill down into all the hardware components in your computer. Therefore, you can easily catch the current state of your hardware and maintain the stability of your computer system.
Hwinfo Motherboard
Hwinfo64 2
Hwinfo Gpu Information
Hwinfo64 3
  • Real-time system monitoring: HWiNFO64 provides users with the ability to accurately monitor the actual condition of your computer’s hardware components and predict potential problems. This will help you increase your ability to detect problems when the system is having problems and from there can quickly perform maintenance before your computer becomes serious.
Hwinfo System Summary
Hwinfo64 4
Hwinfo Sensors Status
Hwinfo64 5
Hwinfo Memory Timings
Hwinfo64 6
  • Extensive reporting: This software provides users with various types of reports on hardware information and can conveniently record system statuses. Users can rely on this feature to have more flexibility in managing hardware information as well as identify problems quickly.
Hwinfo Report Types
Hwinfo64 7
Hwinfo Settings
Hwinfo64 8
  • Ensuring safety and security: HWiNFO64 also guarantees users that the software will not collect any personal information from the user nor transmit any data over the network. You will be able to minimize the cases of unauthorized access or information theft thanks to this feature.
  • Regular updates: This software is always updated with new features as well as improving old versions regularly, thereby ensuring the stability and security of the software. The management and monitoring of the user’s computer system will be enhanced and increased efficiency.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
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Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows (32/64-bit)
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