InPixio Photo Maximizer

InPixio Photo Maximizer

Many times we encounter the situation of taking pictures or receiving image data of an unexpected quality. This can make yourself uncomfortable, and working with low-resolution data will also affect vision. Therefore, photo editing tools are essential to save your photos. When it comes to photo editing, we often think of a few well-known software, but not everyone knows how to use this software because of their complexity, not to mention the price of this software is also quite high. But luckily, you can now do everything with a simple mouse click through InPixio Photo Maximizer.

InPixio Photo Maximizer is a software that will help you increase the resolution of your photos, but also automatically adjust so that the image is not broken. The key point for this tool to be able to do that is using artificial intelligence technology to analyze the image you upload to increase the resolution while the image is still smooth, without revealing pixels. With the help of InPixio Photo Maximizer, surely facing poor-quality photos is no longer a big worry for you.


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InPixio Photo Maximizer Features & Screenshots

Main Features
Inpixio Photo Maximizer Screenshot
Inpixio Photo Maximizer 1
  • Zoom in on all the details: With artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, InPixio Photo Maximizer will help you quickly restore photos to bring them back to high resolution even though there are many details that are out of focus in the original. In addition, if you have a need to enlarge any pixel on the whole, this photo editing tool still retains the quality and sharpness of the original image. Now, you’ll have to say goodbye to poor-quality photos forever.
Inpixio Photo Maximizer Editor
Inpixio Photo Maximizer 2
  • Focus on the small details: With the ability to process details at magnifications up to 1000%, it is not too difficult for this tool to reproduce small details and make them sharper. Besides, InPixio Photo Maximizer has 7 different professional zoom modes preset, which new users can use immediately without having to know too much because they will automatically perform the operations. edit.
Inpixio Photo Maximizer Before After
Inpixio Photo Maximizer 3
  • Maintain image detail and sharpness: There is a problem that often occurs when you perform a zoom operation on a photo even if it is taken by a regular or high-end device, sometimes out-of-focus still occurs. It will make the details appear blurred or open. Because of that, this tool has a processing feature to minimize that situation to ensure that every time you zoom in, the results will not appear as before.
Inpixio Photo Maximizer Options
Inpixio Photo Maximizer 4
  • Reduce image noise: The condition of photos taken in low light will lead to it often having noise in details. To help overcome this situation, InPixio Photo Maximizer helps users to edit photos of such quality to improve details to become smoother. It will also have specific instructions for you to apply when you want to take photos in the dark.
Inpixio Photo Maximizer Batch Processing
Inpixio Photo Maximizer 5

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
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In short, editing a photo not only makes it more beautiful, this is also one of the hobbies of photography enthusiasts. For the best possible quality of the photos taken, consider using InPixio Photo Maximizer.

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