iolo Privacy Guardian

iolo Privacy Guardian

Iolo Privacy Guardian has an active anti-logger application that protects your information from being hacked and tracked. Iolo Privacy Guardian software prevents companies from monitoring your browsing habits. It seems that simple tracking strategies can compromise your privacy and even lead to credit declines due to sloppy buying habits.

The ramifications of giving away personal information about such width and scope are alarming to ponder. Block access to your sensitive online data, device information and habits. Without Privacy, you might be surprised at how much information you can gain from your internet use. By protecting your digital fingerprints, the application enhances protection against online identity theft and helps prevent companies and individuals from collecting.


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iolo Privacy Guardian
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Feature Highlights

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Clean up the Internet
To clean the Internet, Privacy Guardian is one of the best programs around. It clears everything from the cache to cookies quickly and easily. It also supports all major browsers. In fact, unlike other leading security suites, Privacy Guardian fully supports Google Chrome.

Iolo Privacy Guardian Screenshot
Iolo Privacy Guardian Screenshot

Clean the computer
Overall, Privacy Guardian’s PC cleaning functions work well and they’re all fairly easy to use. For example, a file shredder securely deletes files with just a few clicks and it follows standards set by the Ministry of Defense to delete digital information. The Privacy Guardian can even be used to write on areas of the hard drive occupied by deleted files to ensure that no one, even a computer expert, can access personal information.

iolo Privacy Guardian also makes it easy to take advantage of some Windows cleaning functions. Many of these functions are already part of the Windows operating system, but Privacy Guardian simplifies their use and keeps them in one place. With little effort, users can manage the program and free hard drive capacity. Privacy Guardian can even be used to create Windows restore points.

Iolo Privacy Guardian Settings
Iolo Privacy Guardian Privacy Cleaning

Privacy Guardian is one of the easiest to use privacy sets. All its functions are extremely simple. There is really no way for users to damage their system with Privacy Guard unless they intentionally do so. Even newcomers can use this program without major problems.

Third-party application support
With support for a wide range of third-party applications, Privacy Guardian can effectively remove most traces of computer usage. From downloads to chat logs, this security suite can remove almost all sensitive information from your hard drive.

Iolo Privacy Guardian Fingerprinting
Iolo Privacy Guardian Browsers

iolo Privacy Guardian Pricing


PC Tools Privacy Guardian is low-cost but it covers most facilities. Users had to spend $34.95 to own the full version of the software It allows you to control browsers and Windows. It wipes out all features of your personal information stored or monitors your internet behaviour so that no one can access your activities or anonymity. Moreover, it removes any traces of deleted files.

In general, Privacy Guardian is a great security suite, especially for new PC users. Experienced PC users may be delayed by its slightly lacking feature set, but they will appreciate how well the bundled features work. With a clean, easy-to-use menu system and a number of fully functional security tools, iolo Privacy Guardian will meet the needs and expectations of most users.


Technical Details

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Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows
ShippingFull version license code will be sent to you within minutes
Support ServicesPhone, Tickets

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iolo Privacy Guardian is the only company that offers the most advanced ways to prevent digital online tracking. Even VPNs must follow the digital fingerprinting techniques that prevent them and clean up cookies. Iolo Software ensures that private communications remain private.

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