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Over the years, using the Internet and exchanging information in various ways between systems, privacy and data protection have become difficult, and even companies like Facebook, Yahoo, and Sony have suffered damage due to network attacks. Because malware and viruses are invading users in different ways, the security of personal information in the system is also very complicated.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a comprehensive security package that can protect your system against all malware, spam, and viruses. In addition, this suite will improve system performance and reduce stress in your online activities. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is an innovative product that combines to create a convenient and powerful software suite that provides the protection, privacy, and performance that our digital life currently needs.


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Feature Highlights

Features & Screenshot
  • Optimize system mechanical performance
    The first and foremost thing that the software provides is to improve the performance optimization of your computer. Although optimization only happens in the background, you can always run it on your own. When we ran it for the first time, it indicated the number of junk files on my computer and the hard drive defragmentation process.
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Performance
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 1
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Deep Clean
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 2
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Liveboost
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 3
  • Protecting your privacy online

Privacy is a major concern of Windows users. The security module in System Mechanics Ultimate Defense provides tracking detection, browser protection, cookie deletion schedules, and whitelist options. When you enable tracking detection and browser protection, your profile will be protected against all digital tracking. I would suggest that you test this by turning it off first, then turning it back on to see the effect. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense also provides a browser cookie deletion schedule, which will delete all cookies on your computer when you’re free – or you can clean them manually.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Privacy
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 4
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Fingerprinting
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 5
  • ByePass’s secure password manager

Everyone uses a password manager, be it the third-party manager or the manager that comes with the browser. On similar lines, Mechanical System provides a secure password manager. If you plan to use this feature, you will need to install browser extensions. Here are its salient features:
– Automatically check for a leaked password.
– It can remotely log out of all websites from anywhere.
– Encrypt passwords and credit card details with secure encryption.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Password Manager
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 6
  • Malware Killer removes malware on demand

This is an important module that can find out if malware is already installed on the computer. If anything is found, it is quarantined and removed from the system. The mechanical system uses its internal diagnostic algorithm to reduce the time it takes to detect completely new outbreaks. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense even maintains a database in the cloud that can detect threats early. In case of any doubt, the file is sent to the sandbox in the cloud, where it is further analyzed.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Antivirus
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 7
  • System Shield real-time virus protection

While Malware killers scan existing malware, System Shield provides real-time anti-malware solutions and firewalls. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense ensures that any file you install is checked against data behavior monitoring techniques to find out if it is harmful to your computer. The shield is also provided to check data against malware signatures for added security for the computer.

  • Search and recover deleted files recovery

In addition to providing security features, the software also provides two more useful utilities. A tool to recover deleted files and a way to delete a file so that it can be completely recovered. Switch to Search and restore, and you can choose a drive to scan, a location to copy recovered files, and a scan type. The Smartscan option removes unnecessary files, that is, it ignores unnecessary files that make searching a lot easier. The second option, Powerful Scan Scan, performs industry-level searches. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense provides a better chance of data being in a usable state.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense 8
  • DriveScrubber drive erasing technology

The last feature on the list is drive erase technology, which can safely erase all data from your computer. Put simply, no other software can recover those files. The drive is completely erased, but you can also choose the number of times to overwrite to ensure no data is recovered.

Mechanic System Ultimate Defense comes with a comprehensive package of features that help each computer user (Windows or Mac) increase their PC performance and keep their data private and safe.


Pricing Plans & Conclusion

Pricing Plans

The price of Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is $79.95 per license. It includes a year of continuous updates, and an extension will be required to access additional features after the first year. Periodically, products are offered at discounted prices. You can check our website for updated promotional prices.

In conclusion, In this day and age, protecting your data and privacy is becoming more and more difficult. As security breaches become more sophisticated, it is vitally important to ensure that sensitive information on your PC remains intact. But how can you really protect against all malware, spam, and viruses? You need a comprehensive security package for your PC.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows
ShippingFull version license code will be sent to you within minutes
Support ServicesPhone, Tickets

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System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, by Iolo Technologies, is a software package that can provide the protection you need. It will also optimize your computer’s performance and make your online life less stressful.

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