Have you ever imagined yourself losing all the important multimedia files in your computer just because you didn’t protect them properly? Photo memories, family videos, or important documents can be lost forever. That’s why it’s so important to protect the multimedia files on your computer.

However, simply securing files is not enough, you need to ensure they are not copied illegally. This is especially important for files of economic value or sensitivity. Therefore, using file copy protection software is essential to ensure the safety of your important files. Imagine you have protected all your multimedia files tightly and no one can copy them illegally. It’s a more secure and secure way to store your important documents. If you are not sure how to choose a suitable and quality tool, NewSoftwares Copy Protect can be a perfect suggestion.

Copy Protect is a professional data protection and copy protection software, designed by Newsoftwares to help you protect important documents from unauthorized copying. This perfect technology security solution will suit those who need to protect sensitive data, including PDF files, videos, photos, and other important documents. It is programmed with modern IT platforms that make it offer advanced protection features.

This also means that you are allowed to protect your data with passwords, encryption, and various protection modes. With Copy Protect, you’ll feel more secure with your important documents and don’t have to worry about loss or misuse. It can be judged that this software is a great choice for users who want to protect their data professionally and effectively.


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Copy Protect Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • To protect your multimedia files, documents, and other data from unauthorized copying, sharing, and distribution, NewSoftwares developed the Copy Protect tool. With its help, you can protect various file formats, including videos, audio, images, and PDFs to prevent illegal copying and sharing.
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Copy Protect 1
  • Copy Protection: This software helps users to protect their important files from unauthorized copying and distribution. It also supports many file formats, including images, videos, text documents, lectures, and audio files. Thereby, helping users enhance safety and security in advance for their data. threats from unauthorized transmission and distribution.
Copy Protecttion Newsoftwares Copy Protect
Copy Protect 2
  • Prevent Duplication: You can grant access to your files to others with pre-established conditions, including usage time, number of accesses, and other restrictions. This feature gives you tighter and more secure control over how your files are accessed and used by others and ensures that important data is not exposed.
Prevent Duplication Newsoftwares Copy Protect
Copy Protect 3
  • Prevent Illegal Distribution: Thanks to this feature, users can prevent unauthorized copying and distribution. In addition, it has a strong encryption technique that also ensures that the protected file is not accessed by unauthorized outsiders, ensuring privacy and protecting the user’s intellectual property rights.
  • Develop protection program: Copy Protect allows users to develop their protection program, allowing integration into other software products. This allows users to enhance the security of their software products even during transfers from their CD/DVD or USB drives, ensuring that they are not copied and distributed illegally.
Protection Program Newsoftwares Copy Protect
Copy Protect 4
  • Data-in-use Protection: Users are given access to a useful data-in-use protection tool that enables them to restrict access using cutting-edge copy protection technology to prevent illegal access to their priceless data. If someone tries to run one of your copy-protected programs from a location other than the source drive, you can stop them by utilizing this cutting-edge technique.
Data In Use Newsoftwares Copy Protect
Copy Protect 5
  • Highly Secure Burning: The great thing about Copy Protect is the ability to highly secure burn. With its help, your information and data are always protected. It will help you convert your media files into standalone “.EXE” applications to ensure your files are secure, easy to view and redistribute.
Secure Burning Newsoftwares Copy Protect
Copy Protect 6

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
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Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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In short, Copy Protect is a powerful and valuable tool that helps users optimally protect their important files from unauthorized copying and distribution.

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