USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, which is a type of serial interface used to connect peripherals to computers or other mobile devices. USB is very handy because it can connect many different devices and is easy to take anywhere. However, there is a drawback that storing data on USB also poses many risks related to information security. If this device is stolen or lost, data will be disclosed and may be misused.

Therefore, to minimize possible risks, users need to use security software to protect data stored in USB. The USB security software acts as a protector to keep the data specially encrypted. This ensures that only authorized persons can access the data stored in the USB. Currently, there are many data protection tools, NewSoftwares USB Block is a product that is rated quite well by users.

USB Block is an extremely useful USB security software that allows users to safely store their most important data on this storage device. Once using this tool you will no longer have to worry about data being stolen or lost. In addition to basic security features, NewSoftwares USB Block also has a number of exclusive features that help comprehensively protect users’ important information. One of the advantages that makes users appreciate this software is its intuitive interface. You will not spend too much time manipulating other complex tools on the market. With USB Block, protecting data on USB is easier and simpler than ever.


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NewSoftwares USB Block Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • NewSoftwares USB Block is a USB security software that is built specifically for helping you protect your USB drives, external drives, memory sticks, digital cameras, media discs, Blu-ray discs, network drives, network computers, and non-system drives. With its help, you can protect your data from unauthorized access as well as data leakage.
Newsoftwares Usb Block Set New Password
Usb Block 1
  • With this feature, users can protect important files and folders on their USB devices from unauthorized access by others. By locking files and folders on USB, users can ensure that only authorized people can access and view their contents.
Newsoftwares Usb Block Screenshot
Usb Block 2
  • The feature of hiding files and folders on USB will help users stay anonymous and not visible on any folders or programs on the computer. You can ensure that the important and private information on your USB device is protected from prying and unauthorized access by others.
Newsoftwares Usb Block Control Center
Usb Block 3
  • The software provides a password setting feature to protect the files and folders on your USB to protect documents from being illegally copied from your Windows computer. This feature is an effective means of securing important files and data on a USB. NewSoftwares USB Block prevents others from accessing the files and folders on the user’s USB without access.
Newsoftwares Usb Block Authorized Devices
Usb Block 4
  • Beyond blocking unauthorized devices from accessing your computer’s data, the purpose of this software is to make data theft impossible. NewSoftwares USB Block constantly keeps an eye on devices that were approved via the Reports & Logs function. You will be able to stop data leaks by knowing who used USB and when to use it.
Newsoftwares Usb Block Reports
Usb Block 5
  • Continuous monitoring of hacking attempts is in place, along with maintaining a log of program deletion attempts, unauthorized uninstall attempts, and fake login attempts. The system’s illegal log activity monitor keeps a record of the device’s name and the date and time of data access attempts, acting as the primary defense line against data theft.
Newsoftwares Usb Block Options
Usb Block 6
  • The software’s simple interface helps users quickly understand and manipulate the software’s features easily, reducing learning time and increasing user convenience. NewSoftwares USB Block also helps to reduce distractions and increase the user’s concentration when working with the software’s features.

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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Overall, USB Block software is a powerful tool and has many useful features that can help users effectively protect files and folders on their USB devices.

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