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WinCatalog 2023 is a reliable and powerful disk catalog software to organize your massive collection of disks. This software allows you to create a catalog of all files, stored on your disks (HDDs, DVDs, CDs, network drives, and other media storage devices). What’s more, it’s possible to organize your file catalog, using virtual folders, tags (categories), and user-defined fields, and search files in seconds, using powerful find, even when disks are not connected to the computer.


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WinCatalog Features & Screenshots

Main Features

WinCatalog 2023 screenshots:

  • WinCatalog 2023 provides 3 options to add file content: add a fixed or removable disk to the catalog; add an (older from fixed, removable, or network drive; and add a single file to the catalog.
Wincatalog 2023 Screenshot
Wincatalog 2023 1
  • It allows you to assign a disk number that is automatically incremented with every new disk and a physical place when you insert a disk or a file/folder to the catalog.
Wincatalog 2023 Add Disk Folders
Wincatalog 2023 2
Wincatalog 2023 Scanning
Wincatalog 2023 3
  • You are allowed to insert every file found on your disks into the catalog while still keeping the original tree hierarchy of the nested folders, and don’t forget the files’ attributes such as size, path, dates of creation, and modification, etc. All types of files are indexed, including extracting additional information from several types of files (images, photos, archives, video, music, e-books, txt, PDF, HTML).
Wincatalog 2023 Scanning Options
Wincatalog 2023 4
  • If you want to find the duplicate file, WinCatalog 2023 handles that, too. This powerful tool allows you to search duplicate files by one or many fields or a check-sum in your catalog. It has the ability to find files according to Name, Date Modified, and Size. You just mark fields that you need to check, and WinCatalog 2023 will do the rest.
  • The adding virtual folders function lets you easily generate virtual (blue) folders’ structure and switch your files, folders, and disks into these folders to make your collection more structured.
Wincatalog 2023 Add Virtual Folders
Wincatalog 2023 5
  • With the help of the searching function, you are able to have multiple searches through your entire disk catalog at the same time.
Wincatalog 2023 Search
Wincatalog 2023 6
  • When the search processing is finished, this software enables you to filter the result to help you look for files and folders that match one or more specific criteria. Using it, you can filter results based on size, type, and date (or a range of dates) after creating or modifying files/ folders.
  • Another useful feature of the program is that it can export a part of your disk catalog as an XML file, HTML, or a CSV file to easily upload your files/ folders to the local network or Internet and modify it. It also helps you print data with any spreadsheet application such as Open Office Calc, MS Excel, or Google Spreadsheet.
Wincatalog 2023 Report Type
Wincatalog 2023 7
  • You also can use it to browse your collection in a grid view to view detailed info about all the files and folders or move to the thumbnail view to instantly preview all the pictures.
  • WinCatalog will show an Insert Disk message when you perform a file operation (i.e. copying, launching, or opening in Explorer) with a file or a folder located on a disk that is not connected to the computer at the moment. You will know about all the disk info, including the physical location.
Wincatalog 2023 Managing
Wincatalog 2023 8
  • What makes WinCatalog 2023 stands out shall be due to its capability of setting the catalog title and description, adding or removing search fields, and importing another catalog file into the current catalog. It also can limit access to the catalog file by setting a master password as well as make backup copies of your catalog files on a regular basis to avoid any accidental data loss. You can even use it to reduce catalog size by removing unnecessary space, deleting pictures, thumbnails, etc.
Wincatalog 2023 Set Password
Wincatalog 2023 9
  • WinCatalog will update the contents of the disk when it changes. The previously entered comments and tags (keywords) will still keep when the disk data is updated.
  • Using the contact manager, you will remember to who you loaned your disks with, no lost disks anymore. It grants you to follow who of your colleagues or friends has taken the particular disk and when.
Wincatalog 2023 Contacts
Wincatalog 2023 10
  • WinCatalog not only lets you catalog disks but also the disk’s location. It will show Disk Location in the properties of every file from the disk and in the info shown in the Insert Disk dialog.
Wincatalog 2023 Report Size Format
Wincatalog 2023 11

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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WinCatalog 2023 is just what you need to catalog your audio and video files. With it, you can easily find your audio and video titles with just a press of a key. Besides, you can use it to capture snapshots of your entire NAS movie library and personal data.

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