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If you are a lover of live music and parties, organizing friends’ gatherings with live music will be an interesting idea. However, to have an attractive and professional music party, you need to use professional DJ software. This is the most suitable solution that will help you create unique music and suit the tastes of your friends. You can mix tracks from different sources, create sound effects, and make sure tracks play out seamlessly and smoothly. Usually, when it comes to DJing, complexity will always be considered because it requires you to have a lot of knowledge about music as well as the ability to use technical equipment to be able to play this type well.

Understanding that concern, many tools have been released that guarantee to help you create a vibrant music program without having to hire a professional DJ. You are free to express your passion for music and give your friends a fun and memorable musical party. SAM DJ​ is considered the most perfect software that users can experience.

Spacial SAM DJ is a professional DJ software for users who want to organize parties or events with exciting and attractive music. This software is designed with all the functions a DJ player needs, you can completely mix tracks from many different sources and create professional sound effects with ease. Besides, Spacial SAM DJ also offers many advanced features such as simultaneous music playback on multiple channels, automatic settings, and synchronization with other audio devices. If you evaluate objectively, you can completely organize professional and perfect music parties without having to have in-depth knowledge of music. This is a very useful software for those who love music and want to satisfy their passion.


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SAM DJ​ Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Music file manager: Spacial SAM DJ allows users to manage music files on the computer with ease. Using it, you can generate multiple playlists and categorize your tracks based on different genres, moods, or themes. Besides, users can also search and select songs from the music library and folders on the computer as well as delete unnecessary songs in the library. You also are allowed to schedule playlists for automated playback.
Playlists Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 1
  • Integration with online platforms: Spacial SAM DJ allows users to stream music directly on online platforms such as Shoutcast, Icecast, and other music sites. In addition, this feature also allows users to customize their login information, username, and password to log in to these platforms.
  • Music sync: This tool helps users improve the smoothness of music mixes and avoid errors when playing music by seamlessly mixing and transitioning between two audio tracks. Tracks can be loaded from your local PC or directly from the internet. In addition, it also helps to synchronize tracks together, adjust playback speed and create a higher-quality music mix.
Voicefx Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 2
  • Audio Settings: With the help of the powerful built-in advanced audio processor of Spacial SAM DJ, you will get experience extraordinary sound quality on your station. The software provides plenty of exceptional features that include an Equalizer, Gated AGC, Stereo expander, Bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor, and clipper. You have access to individual Compressors, Expanders, and Limiters for each band with multi-band processors to help you optimal audio enhancement and captivate your listeners by achieving impeccable sound.
Audio Settings Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 3
  • Dual Deck: With Dual Deck, you are allowed to queue up the next song while another track is playing, ensuring a smooth transition between tunes. SAM DJ’s automation capabilities enable your station to run 24/7 without interruption. Let Auto DJ handle the task of queuing and positioning songs for you, ensuring a continuous stream of music. Your station will maintain a professional sound quality with seamless cross-fading between tracks when the Dual Deck players and Auto DJ working together.
Dual Deck Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 4
  • Cross Fading: Experience the brilliance of SAM DJ’s intelligent crossfader that effortlessly identifies the optimal starting point for fading tracks. Say goodbye to any awkward pauses between tracks, thanks to SAM DJ’s Gap killer feature. With this functionality in place, uninterrupted music is guaranteed, ensuring a seamless and immersive listening experience for your audience.
Cross Fading Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 5
  • Configuration: Customize the layout of the primary SAM DJ interface according to your personal style and requirements. SAM DJ only activates the windows that are essential to you. You are allowed to customize the main interface of SAM DJ to your liking and specific needs. You can select and display only the windows that are relevant to your DJing workflow. Moreover, SAM DJ offers three distinct working areas, providing ample space to organize and arrange your windows without overcrowding a single workspace.
Configuration Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 6
  • Support for many audio formats: Support for many audio formats: Users are supported with many different audio formats like MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis. This helps users create diverse and rich music mixes, meeting the needs of composing and playing the music for many different audiences. It also allows you to configure your streaming settings, such as bitrates and server details, within the software to help you get reaching a wider audience and share your mixes globally.
Audio Mixer Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 7
  • Autoplay music: Spacial SAM DJ is a useful feature that helps users create continuous music mixes without manual intervention. The software will automatically select the right songs to play next, making the music playback process smoother. This is a very useful feature for music lovers who want to experience continuous music without having to worry about choosing the right song to play next.
Song Information Spacial Sam Dj​
Spacial Sam Dj​ 8

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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In a nutshell, SAM DJ is a professional DJ software designed to help users create high-quality mixes and manage their music files with ease.

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