Wondershare AniSmall

Wondershare AniSmall

Years ago, computer scientists used mathematical algorithms to find a way to reduce file sizes. Since then, the demand has been increasing thanks to the Internet; they have created better compression schemes and reduced the size of any given file. At a time when technology develops like today, compressing and reducing data size has become more popular than ever. In addition to reducing file size, many users won’t know the remaining benefits of file compression, especially for multimedia files.

One of the most prominent benefits is that it helps store and manage data more efficiently. Imagine you have a few dozen video files, each of which takes up a few to tens of GB of space, and soon your device will need more capacity to store it. Therefore, professional tools can help you compress the size of such data quickly.

Wondershare AniSmall is a software that helps you reduce the size of videos and multimedia files in general. This tool will perform intermediate tasks, but it plays a direct role in maintaining memory stability and disk performance. It will compress the size of videos, music, and files so you can still ensure the safety of your data and can easily store and share it with other users. Suppose your device can only store a little data simultaneously, or you want more space for important things. In that case, Wondershare AniSmall is the most practical choice. This tool will definitely make your device work more optimally.


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Wondershare AniSmall Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Batch compress data: This software does not limit the number of files that you can compress in one operation, the power of which allows it to efficiently handle many videos at once without affecting the efficiency. This feature will be very suitable for saving time, and you also do not have to worry about the lack of content compression.
Compress Videos Wondershare Anismall
Wondershare Anismall 1
Compress Images Wondershare Anismall
Wondershare Anismall 2
  • Simple compression: If the other parts require users to have specialized knowledge of computers to perform the features, Wondershare AniSmall seems different. This software optimizes the steps so that users only need three steps to successfully compress one of their videos.
Simple Compression Wondershare Anismall
Wondershare Anismall 3
  • Supports 1000 different data formats: Wondershare AniSmall can be compatible with more than 1000 other data formats that are even less popular. This makes it more convenient for you to get help from this tool. Not only that, but this diversity is also an advantage that makes Wondershare AniSmall stand out from the other tools on the market.
Format Wondershare Anismall
Wondershare Anismall 4
  • Video cutting: This professional compressor tool also allows you to cut video into smaller parts. It provides 3 kinds of splitting methods: splitting by time, splitting by file size, and splitting by number. With advanced video cutting, you are allowed to select the video encoder, resolution, as well as frame rate.
Video Cutting Wondershare Anismall
Wondershare Anismall 5
  • Personalize the interface: Wondershare AniSmall allows you to customize all parameters in the user interface. You can personalize it according to your requirements easily. This feature will also make the process of getting used to the software faster and more efficient.
Wondershare Anismall Screenshots
Wondershare Anismall 6

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows 11 / Windows10 / Windows8 / Windows7 (64 bit OS)
macOS 10.14 or later
iOS 14/15/16, iPadOS 14/15
ShippingRegister code will be sent to your email in minutes
Subscription1-Month, 1-Year, Lifetime
Support ServicesLive Chat, Phone, Tickets

User’s and Editor’s scores

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7.8Expert Score

In short, Wondershare AniSmall will help you have the most stable computer and entertainment experience. This software can directly replace the old obsolete multimedia file processing tools. You will now have to be precise every time you have too much data to store.

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