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XLS Padlock is designed to be a specialized tool for securing Excel data and spreadsheets. It will support users with permission to access as well as the right to analyze calculation formulas or contents in spreadsheets. If you are a user of XLS Padlock, you will have full control over what is related to the security of data in Excel. With this tool, you will not have to worry about the problem of stealing calculation formulas when you share the worksheet with others.

In terms of features, besides optimizing security for Excel, this tool also has a lot of advanced protection codes, which you cannot find if you use other products on the market. Moreover, the simple user interface is also a competitive advantage of XLS Padlock, it is very easy to operate even for someone who is not proficient in office tasks.

Excel is one of the most popular office tools among computer users not only because of its computational advantages but also its simplicity in use. Today, most individuals and companies choose this program as their main tool for managing and performing statistical-related cases. Although it is a popular tool with many features to support calculations, sometimes users will have to create their own formulas to achieve absolute accuracy or want to analyze special data. These processes are very important because if outsiders know these formulas, it can lead to the situation of the company being affected. Therefore, XLS Padlock was launched to prevent these risks from happening in the future.


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XLS Padlock Features & Screenshots

Main Features

Excel spreadsheet security: This feature is provided by the software to assist users in improving the security of their Excel spreadsheets. With this feature, only you have access to your data using this function, which increases security and protects your data from dangers.

Excel Security Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 1

Application-level protection: The software can create a standalone executable file that can run the protected spreadsheet without requiring Microsoft Excel. This makes it easier to distribute the spreadsheet to others without having to worry about compatibility issues. Additionally, the executable file can be protected by password or encryption, adding an extra layer of security.

Application Protection Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 2

Online Activation and Authorization: In addition to security settings, users may activate their Excel workbooks online and manage who can access and utilize the data in their workbooks. Only persons you’ve approved may access the data, so it can’t be utilized no matter who they share it with.

Online Activation Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 3

Distribution control: XLS Padlock allows you to control who can use the protected spreadsheet and how they can use it. You can specify an expiration date for the spreadsheet, limit the number of uses, or set usage restrictions. This ensures that your sensitive data remains secure even after it has been distributed.

Distribution Control Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 4

Protect formulae in Excel workbooks: This feature allows you to secure your formulas against abuse, theft, and other threats. by substituting a complicated formula that can only be recognized when your program is operating. This allows you to successfully secure the confidentiality of the formulae in your worksheet.

Formulas And Password Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 5

Custom branding: The software allows you to add your own logo and custom message to the protected spreadsheet. This gives you the opportunity to brand your spreadsheet and create a professional image for your business.

Exe Icon Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 6

Hardware-locked protection: Software provides an additional method for efficiently increasing the security of your workbooks. The only method to access that data is to input the activation code, which is highly effective in preventing risks of data theft.

Protect Excel workbooks using a Dongle: The program employs a gadget known as a dongle to enable users to lock their workbooks within it; users must use a USB dongle to activate their workbooks. This is exceptionally powerful safeguarding and first-rate security for your data.

Usb Or Dongle Protection Xls Padlock
Xls Padlock 7

Easy-to-use: XLS Padlock has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The software requires no programming skills to use, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability.


Frequently asked questions


Pros of XLS Padlock

– Two-layer security: Password protection and data encryption provide robust protection for sensitive data.
– Standalone executable file: The software can create a standalone executable file that can run the protected spreadsheet without requiring Microsoft Excel.
– Distribution control: The ability to control who can use the protected spreadsheet and how they can use it adds an extra layer of security.
– Custom branding: The option to add a custom logo and message to the protected spreadsheet adds a professional touch and helps to create a strong brand image.
– Easy to use: The user-friendly interface and lack of programming requirements make XLS Padlock accessible to everyone.

Cons of XLS Padlock

– Limited to Microsoft Excel: The software is limited to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which may not be suitable for users who use other spreadsheet software.
– Cost: XLS Padlock is a paid software, which may not be affordable for some users.
– Limited compatibility: The standalone executable file created by XLS Padlock may not be compatible with older or non-Windows systems, limiting its distribution capabilities.
– Dependence on Microsoft Excel: To run the protected spreadsheet, users must have Microsoft Excel installed, which may not be ideal for some users.
– Learning curve: While the software is easy to use, there may be a learning curve for users who are not familiar with Microsoft Excel or the software’s protection features.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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Support ServicesEmail, Tickets, Forums

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XLS Padlock is a software tool designed to secure and distribute Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The software provides a range of features to protect sensitive data and control how spreadsheets are used by others. These features include password protection, data encryption, the creation of standalone executable files, distribution control, custom branding, and an easy-to-use interface. XLS Padlock is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to secure and distribute their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets without worrying about unauthorized access or manipulation of their data.

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