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Hide My WP Ghost is a security plugin for WordPress that helps protect your website from hacking attempts and vulnerabilities. It hides common WordPress paths, files and plugins to make it difficult for attackers to find and exploit security holes. The plugin also provides protection against XSS and SQL injection attacks, and offers a custom permalink structure and the ability to change the WP login URL for added security. Hide My WP Ghost is compatible with most themes and plugins, and regularly receives security updates. It has a user-friendly interface and customizable settings for a personalized security experience.


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Hide My WP Ghost Features & Screenshots

Features & Screenshot

WordPress is a very popular website platform, which also means that there are various genres of hackers stalking & trying to break into WordPress websites every day. So you have to protect your website. Hide My WP secures your WordPress website is a great addition, and it’s so easy to install and set up that there’s no reason not to add it to your WordPress website security. Hide My WP Ghost is a WordPress security plugin. You change but include popular WordPress URLs or URLs that will increase your WP Security against hacker bots. Protect your WordPress site by masking the authentication paths as wp-admin and wp-login, then changing popular WordPress paths like wp-content, wp-include, uploads, then changing other links.

Hide My Wp Ghost Screenshot
Hide My Wp Ghost 1
  • Hide My WP Ghost Features Overview
Hide My Wp Ghost Features
Hide My Wp Ghost 2

This WordPress Security plugin gives you over 40 free features and 65 premium features. It can be mentioned as Secure WP Paths, LiteSpeed Cache, Hide WP Common Paths, URL Mapping, CDN, User Events Log, Hide WP Common Files, XML-RPC Security, Header Security, Login & Logout Redirects, Brute Force Protection, Disable Right-Click,…

  • Change Paths

The “Change Paths” function of Hide My WP Ghost allows you to alter the default URLs and paths associated with your WordPress website. This makes it harder for potential attackers to find and exploit security vulnerabilities, as they will not be able to access the standard WordPress files and directories. The plugin allows you to customize the URLs for your login page, admin area, and other important parts of your website. This makes it more difficult for hackers to find and target these areas, improving the overall security of your website.

Hide My Wp Ghost Level Of Security
Hide My Wp Ghost 3
Hide My Wp Ghost Login Security
Hide My Wp Ghost 4
Hide My Wp Ghost Wp Core Security
Hide My Wp Ghost 5
Hide My Wp Ghost Plugin Security
Hide My Wp Ghost 6
Hide My Wp Ghost Theme Security
Hide My Wp Ghost 7
Hide My Wp Ghost Firewall Headers
Hide My Wp Ghost 8
Hide My Wp Ghost Api Security
Hide My Wp Ghost 9
  • Tweak

The “Tweak” function in Hide My WP Ghost allows you to modify various aspects of your WordPress website to further enhance its security. This includes hiding certain information such as the version of WordPress you are using, the theme and plugin names, and other details that could potentially be used by attackers to find vulnerabilities. The plugin also provides options to disable certain WordPress features, such as XML-RPC and the ability to view the source code of your pages, that could be used by attackers to compromise your site. The “Tweak” function helps to harden the security of your WordPress website by making it more difficult for potential attackers to gather information and find exploits.

Hide My Wp Ghost Feed And Sitemap Change Paths
Hide My Wp Ghost 10
Hide My Wp Ghost Hide Options
Hide My Wp Ghost 11
Hide My Wp Ghost Disable Options
Hide My Wp Ghost 12
  • Mapping

The “Mapping” function in Hide My WP Ghost allows you to change the default URLs and paths associated with your WordPress website without affecting the functionality of your site. This function maps the original URLs to new, custom ones, so that the website continues to work as normal but with a different structure. The purpose of this function is to make it more difficult for attackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities, as the standard URLs and paths are hidden and replaced with custom ones. The “Mapping” function allows you to create a custom permalink structure for your website, which can improve the security and make it more difficult for potential attackers to find and target your site.

Hide My Wp Ghost Text Mapping
Hide My Wp Ghost 13
  • Brute Force

The “Brute Force” function in Hide My WP Ghost is a security feature that helps protect your website from unauthorized access attempts. It works by blocking IP addresses that make multiple failed login attempts in a short period of time. This helps to prevent brute force attacks, where an attacker tries to guess your login credentials by repeatedly entering different combinations of username and password. The “Brute Force” function in Hide My WP Ghost can be customized to set the number of allowed login attempts and the time period during which these attempts can be made. This helps to strike a balance between security and accessibility, ensuring that legitimate users can still access your website while preventing unauthorized access attempts.

Hide My Wp Ghost Brute Force Settings
Hide My Wp Ghost 14
  • WordPress Security Check

WordPress Security Check refers to the process of evaluating the security of a WordPress website to identify potential vulnerabilities and protect it from hacking attempts and other malicious activities. This process can involve a range of security measures, such as regularly updating the software, using strong passwords, installing security plugins, and monitoring for unusual activity. The goal of a WordPress security check is to harden the security of the website and prevent potential attackers from accessing sensitive information or compromising the site’s functionality. Performing regular security checks is important for maintaining the security and integrity of a WordPress website, and can help to prevent damage and minimize the risk of a successful attack.

Hide My Wp Ghost Wordpress Security Check
Hide My Wp Ghost 15
  • Advanced
Hide My Wp Ghost Safe Url
Hide My Wp Ghost 16
  • Hide WordPress HTML comments
  • Hide WordPress version or tag
  • Brute Force with Math Captcha
  • Backup and restore settings
  • Fix the blood relationship URLs
  • Remove custom text from HTML code
  • Cache CSS, JS, and Images to optimize load speed
  • Weekly security check not reported

Pricing Plans


For useful software like Hide My WP Ghost, many users are also concerned about its price. However, don’t worry too much. Hide My WP Ghost offers users 2 free and paid versions. For the Free Version or also known as the Lite version, users will be limited to a lot of advanced features of Hide My WP Ghost. Meanwhile, with a very reasonable price starting from $ 29.99, we can become a premium user of Hide My WP Ghost and be allowed to use all of its features. In the paid version, Hide My WP Ghost is also divided into 3 packages, including Ghost 1 for $ 29.99, Ghost 5 for $ 149.99, and finally Ghost All for $ 650.

In conclusion, More than 90,000 attack attacks per minute hit WordPress sites and WordPress hosting services around the world, not only attacking large corporate websites containing lots of sensitive data but also websites belonging to small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, and individuals running personal blogs. And Hide My WP Ghost – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress is one of the plugins that control access to your PHP files that help protect your website from extremely dangerous attacks by hiding the Folder link and file structure, removing or replacing the display in the Source code.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemN/A
ShippingInstantly receive the latest Full Version download link and license code
Subscription1-Year, Lifetime
Support ServicesEmail, Tickets

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Hide My WP Ghost works on the principle of hiding important PHP files (wp-login and wp-admin), minifying CSS files, changing plugins directory, changing uploads paths, changing paths navigate query URL, change author permalinks, change or disable feeds, disable WordPress hosting, and taxonomies, and by being able to hide all other WordPress files such as readme, license, etc.

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