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Since its introduction by Microsoft, decoding Bitlocker still seems impossible. The security program prevent others from accessing or extracting data even if the hard drive is stolen or data is intentionally stolen. To simply understand, BitLocker is a data security and encryption method which helps us protect data on our computer from information being stolen by bad people. The BitLocker tool is available and free on Windows. After installing this data encryption method, our computer still operates normally. This method provides additional protection for your files. Anyone, even your device, cannot read data on encrypted drives. They can only unlock it when you provide login information, such as your Windows password. To overcome the above barriers, iSumsoft BitLocker Reader is the best solution.

iSumsoft BitLocker Reader is a tool that supports and is very compatible with BitLocker. It has many features which promise to bring a lot of convenience to users, especially those who love Microsoft’s operating system. With its powerful capabilities, iSumsoft BitLocker Reader will provide users with extremely great capabilities that you will find difficult to find in similar platforms. Considered an absolute advantage for those working in the field of information technology or computer science, the advancement of iSumsoft BitLocker Reader will better manage encryption and improve device security. For an overall assessment, this iSumsoft BitLocker Reader solution needs to be experienced in practice to truly understand the values it brings.


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iSumsoft BitLocker Reader Main Features

Main Features
  • Turn BitLocker on and off quickly: iSumsoft BitLocker Reader allows users to enable or disable the BitLocker feature right on this software instead of cumbersome operations in the operating system. For those who do not have too much time or simply do not want too complicated operations, this will be the most optimal option.
  • Encrypt or decrypt the drive: Similar to the BitLocker startup feature, iSumsoft BitLocker Reader can also automatically encrypt or decrypt the drive on the software interface. Integrating features and making them simple are the values that iSumsoft BitLocker Reader aims for. You will feel the convenience of using this tool compared to manual operations on Windows systems.
  • Unlock or lock BitLocker-protected drives: iSumsoft BitLocker Reader also has the feature of automatically locking or unlocking when users need BitLocker-protected drives. iSumsoft BitLocker Reader’s feature ensures that data stored on hard drives is controlled in the best way. In addition, operating on iSumsoft BitLocker Reader is also much simpler than doing it directly.
  • Compatible with many Windows versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7 to Windows 11 are the versions supported by this great tool. In addition, it does not require too powerful a configuration because sometimes this will hinder the basic user experience. iSumsoft BitLocker Reader also comes with regular feature upgrades to improve the effectiveness of the software when applied in practice.

iSumsoft BitLocker Reader Screenshots

Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader Screenshot
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader 1
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader Turn On Bitlocker
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader 2
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader Enter Password
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader 3
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader Lock Drives
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader 4
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader Unlock Drive
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader 5
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader Unlock Drives
Isumsoft Bitlocker Reader 6

Frequently asked questions


What sets this tool apart from the native BitLocker feature in Windows?

They’re nearly identical. The only distinction lies in this tool’s simpler and more intuitive interface.

Can I use this tool to encrypt my operating system drive?

Certainly, it does. However, you must first activate TPM (Trusted Platform Module). If your PC doesn’t support TPM, you can navigate to the Group Policy Editor to configure your PC to permit BitLocker without a compatible TPM.

Does this tool offer the capability to unlock BitLocker encrypted drives without requiring a password?

Should you forget your BitLocker password, this tool permits you to utilize your recovery key for unlocking the BitLocker encrypted drive. However, if you lack both a password and a recovery key, this tool cannot assist in unlocking the BitLocker encrypted drive.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11, Windows Server 2008 and later
ShippingYou will receive the keycode immediately via Email
Support ServicesEmail, Tickets

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7.8Expert Score

iSumsoft BitLocker Reader is considered an intermediate management platform that helps users operate smoothly and quickly with some BitLocker functions. This software ensures every process is maximally simplified.

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