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Once upon a time, you experienced immense anger when your colleague leaked your personal files from your USB drive. However, your worries were alleviated thanks to the remarkable capabilities of iSunshare SafeUSB Genius—an exceptional tool designed to password-protect USB drives on Windows computers. With this incredible software, you no longer fret about the possibility of a breach in your USB drive’s data. It offers an ingenious solution by enabling you to conceal your files within the USB, ensuring that your actions and information remain hidden from prying eyes.

iSunshare SafeUSB Genius encompasses a comprehensive range of features and functionalities, all aimed at safeguarding your valuable and sensitive data stored on your USB drive. You have the freedom to establish a robust password to encrypt the entire USB drive, significantly bolstering its security. By doing so, you can effectively shield your personal photos, audio files, videos, and other private data from any potential leakage or unauthorized access. Rest assured that your USB drive can now be used with confidence, knowing that its contents are protected against any potential threats or unwarranted exposure.


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iSunshare SafeUSB Genius Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • iSunshare SafeUSB Genius is a USB drive encryption tool to protect your USB from being accessed by other users or potential threats. You are allowed to set up passwords to protect your USB drives as well as encrypt, decrypt, lock, and unlock the data stored on your USB drives. You also can use this tool to mount all encrypted USB data to a virtual disk with ease.
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  • To safely and quickly password-protect your USB drive, this tool allows you to set up a password to encrypt your USB drive to protect all important or private data stored on your USB. In this way, you can rest assured that the USB is only accessed by users with the correct password.
Encrypt Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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Set Password Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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Encrypted Successfully Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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  • With a few easy clicks, you can easily encrypt, decrypt, lock, and unlock your USB drive with the help of the outstanding USB encryption software known as iSunshare SafeUSB Genius. It has an intuitive user interface so you may use it without worrying about data loss.
Decrypt Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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Decrypted Successfully Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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  • This USB drive encryption tool’s capacity to protect your private, important, or sensitive data from any potential leaks or unauthorized access is another outstanding feature. This outstanding function will effectively protect all private images, audio files, movies, and other data.
Lock Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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  • During the process of unlocking an encrypted USB, iSunshare SafeUSB Genius goes a step further by seamlessly mounting all the USB data onto a virtual disk. This function allows you to conveniently and securely access the USB data. By implementing this feature, you can assure that your USB data is safeguarded with utmost protection and confidentiality.
Unlock Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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  • Not only does iSunshare SafeUSB Genius offer seamless compatibility with all versions of Windows computers, but it also boasts extensive support for nearly all brands of USB drives and external hard disks. This exceptional software ensures that regardless of the Windows version you are using, you can confidently utilize it with any USB drive or external hard disk from various manufacturers.
Unlocked Successfully Isunshare Safeusb Genius
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Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10/11
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Your USB drive can be password-protected using iSunshare SafeUSB Genius. Additionally, after unlocking the USB, you may control the priceless data stored on a virtual disc within it. Finally, you can lock the USB with a single click.

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