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Stardock Fences is desktop organizer software because it can create items containing icons that can be easily resized, moved, quickly hidden, shown icons, or created multiple screen pages. Stardock Fences will help you reorganize the icons on the computer screen, with the arrangement and layout of icons on the desktop for the neatest. With Stardock Fences, the clutter on your computer screen will be solved immediately by scientifically and logically organizing the folders and files you have.

Stardock Fences will redefine the icons by placing them in separate themes and spaces on the screen such as documents, games, or music. Each space is unlimited in the number of icons and you can give them your own name. It can be said that any PC or laptop user wants every time they start up the device to see a home screen with neatly and beautifully arranged details and icons.

Organizing and redesigning the main interface of the computer screen is a positive idea for users to refresh the user experience.  Normally, the default operating system, Windows provides a few options for users to edit, but most of them just stop at the basic level such as changing the icon size and position.

As a result, some software companies offer more interesting solutions to suit users who are highly curious and want to customize things more deeply. This software will have many powerful features for users to freely change to their liking without worrying about limitations like before. In case you have not found a suitable software, you can completely try Stardock’s Fences.


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Stardock Fences Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Customize according to your workflow: The software provides users with the ability to automatically organize files and folders on their computer screen by setting rules that the software will follow or adding them manually to specific locations. You’ll be able to stay neat and organized on your desktop more easily and efficiently.
Stardock Fences Main Screenshot
Stardock Fences 1
Create Stardock Fences
Stardock Fences 2
  • Personalize to your taste: Users may use this function to be able to adjust the size, color, transparency and other components on the screen according to their particular tastes. As a consequence, users will be able to establish a distinct work environment or eliminate extraneous icons to boost the capacity to concentrate on work and critical activities.
Stardock Fences Customize
Stardock Fences 3
  • Folder Portals: Stardock Fences also provides users with this feature to help users quickly access important contents in their folders. This software will mirror any folder onto your screen and it will be redirected directly to the contents of a specific folder. From there, you can improve your work efficiency as well as more conveniently manage computer resources.
Stardock Fences Folder Portals
Stardock Fences 4
  • Hotkeys: Stardock Fences introduces yet another exciting feature, this time enhancing the Windows Key + D shortcut in Windows. Traditionally, this shortcut hides your active windows, but it tends to be a bit sluggish. With the latest addition in Fences, pressing Windows Key + D will now instantaneously unveil your desktop, and you even have the flexibility to customize it as a toggle or press-and-hold function.
Stardock Fences Hotkeys
Stardock Fences 5
  • Quick Hide Desktop: This is a helpful feature for users, it will make it easy for users to easily hide and reveal icons, files and folders on their desktop with only a few touches. You will be able to create a neat free space for your computer screen as well as avoid distractions and focus on the assigned tasks.
Stardock Fences Desktop Quick Hide
Stardock Fences 6
  • Roll-up Fences: Fences offers the innovative “roll-up” feature for an authentically minimalist user experience. This function allows you to condense a fence into its title bar until you hover your mouse pointer over it. To use this function, you simply perform a double-click on the title bar of the fence. By default, fences will automatically roll up when positioned close to the edge of your screen; however, you have the option to disable this feature as well.
Stardock Fences Roll Up
Stardock Fences 7
  • Desktop Pages: The Desktop Pages feature presents an invaluable solution for individuals in pursuit of enhanced customization through the use of multiple Fences pages. It simplifies the process of accessing various sets of icons by employing a familiar mobile phone-like interaction: simply grab and pull the edge of your screen. This function proves exceptionally handy for maintaining distinct compartments within your computing life, effectively segregating different aspects or tasks for a more organized and efficient workflow.
Stardock Fences Desktop Pages
Stardock Fences 8
  • Layout & snapping: Stardock Fences serves as the ultimate tool for maintaining desktop organization. By default, Stardock Fences intelligently arranges your fences in alignment with one another. However, should you desire precise alignment to meet your unique preferences, you have the flexibility to fine-tune these settings within the configuration panel.
Layout Stardock Fences
Stardock Fences 9
  • Sorting & organizing: Stardock Fences offers the convenience of automatically categorizing content into designated fences, serving as dedicated destinations for specific types of files, applications, or folders. With Fences, you gain access to a versatile array of sorting rules, including file type, name-based, target-based, and customizable rules, enabling you to maintain a perpetually organized desktop environment tailored to your exact preferences.
Sorting Organizing Stardock Fences
Stardock Fences 10

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows 10/11
ShippingRegister code will be sent to your email in minutes
Support ServicesPhone, Tickets

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