Stardock Object Desktop is an all-in-one product that includes software and plugins that help users change the look and feel of their computer in the most interesting way. This toolkit includes 13 different technology solutions and each program will have a series of exclusive features of Stardock. Installing and using Stardock Object Desktop will help users not only improve performance by not having to download each software individually, but it also saves a lot of costs.

With Stardock Object Desktop, the interface of the software inside will be optimized in a uniform and simple way. Everything you need to be able to change and redesign your computer’s screen can be helped by Stardock Object Desktop. It can be said that you will no longer be bored by the boring screen interface of Windows every time you use it once you have experienced the customization features of Stardock Object Desktop.

When using a computer besides hardware or configuration factors, the interface is also a factor that makes users interested. This is completely understandable because every time we start the device or every time we manipulate a certain task, it is closely related to the computer’s interface. However, the default version of Windows has a relatively simple interface design.

Perhaps because it will help save space as well as help the device operate smoothly, but this makes the user experience boring. Fortunately, Windows also understands this, so they also support the maximum so that users can freely customize the interface through good compatibility with third-party software. If you have not found a great and suitable tool for your needs, you can try Stardock Object Desktop.


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Stardock Object Desktop Features & Screenshots

Main Features
  • Groupy: This is software that helps users to organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on their Windows desktop in the most easy and convenient way. Not only can it support users can improve work performance, but it is also a suitable choice for desktop computers.
Stardock Object Desktop Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 1
  • WindowBlinds: This software is designed to help users customize the look and feel of your Start menu, taskbar, window panes, and controls. WindowBlinds gives you the ability to design a computer interface according to your personal preferences, thereby increasing the experience of working and using your computer most effectively.
Stardock Windowblinds More Styles
Stardock Object Desktop 2
  • Fences: This software gives users the ability to automatically arrange desktop shortcut icons and running tasks. The features that the user provides by the software will be able to organize and manage the computer and help the user to improve his work productivity. Moreover, you can also quickly clean up your computer screen thanks to this software.
Stardock Fences Hotkeys
Stardock Object Desktop 3
  • Start11: This software is designed with the ability to customize the Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows quickly and efficiently. It will allow users to customize their Start menu based on their unique tastes. In addition, there are also features like Restoring classic functionality and adding new functionality, Customize search experience, and much more.
Stardock Start11 Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 4
  • DeskScapes: If you have been searching for software that easily allows you to animate and customize the wallpaper on your Windows desktop, then DeskScapes is your pick. The features to turn your static desktop into an animated work of art, manage your desktop wallpapers, and animated backgrounds, or add gradients or texture effects with a single click are useful in personalizing your desktop background with animated pictures and video.
Stardock Deskscapes Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 5
  • Tiles: Tiles provides a streamlined and efficient solution for seamlessly transitioning between active and inactive tasks. This versatile tool empowers you to effortlessly oversee and manage your currently running applications on your computer. Furthermore, it grants you the flexibility to craft personalized interfaces that align with your unique computing preferences, facilitating swift transitions between different applications with ease.
Stardock Tiles Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 6
  • Curtains: Curtains functions in a manner reminiscent of the modes introduced by Microsoft. Any application that already embraces Microsoft’s dark and light modes will seamlessly integrate with Curtains. You’ll have a golden chance to discover a myriad of fresh styles in the world of Stardock Curtains, including Crystal, Sky, and Midnight.
Change Style Stardock Curtains
Stardock Object Desktop 7
  • CursorFX: Tired of the standard Windows cursor? Why not spice things up with CursorFX by Stardock, allowing you to tailor your Windows cursor to your personal preferences? This invaluable tool empowers you to craft captivating animated mouse cursors for your PC. With a diverse array of cursor styles at your disposal, including enchanting options like Abracadabra, Black Fire, Canterburry, ChaNinja, and more, you can truly make your cursor your own.
Stardock Cursorfx Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 8
  • SoundPackager: Transform the standard Windows sound experience with top-notch, harmonious sound bundles. This exceptional software includes exclusive sound packages, effortlessly enhancing your PC’s auditory ambiance. What’s more, it enables you to seamlessly blend and meld sounds from various packages, crafting a one-of-a-kind auditory masterpiece that you can conveniently store for future use on your computer.
Stardock Soundpackager Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 9
  • Multiplicity: To help you easily control multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse, Stardock delivers the Multiplicity software. This tool allows you to move between multiple computers from a single PC with ease. Using a primary PC to control one or more laptops is a wonderful alternative to using the laptop’s touchpad or attaching a mouse to each laptop to improve control functionality.
Multiple Device Stardock Multiplicity
Stardock Object Desktop 10
  • IconPackager: This tool opens up a world of possibilities for Windows desktop icon customization. Say goodbye to the stock Windows icons as you welcome an array of icon packages to breathe new life into your desktop. Not only can you effortlessly swap out those default icons, but you can also infuse your own creativity by tinkering with icon colors and curating bespoke combinations for specific file types. Plus, you have access to an extensive library of over a thousand icon packages at, ensuring that your desktop is truly unique.
Stardock Iconpackager Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 11
  • SpaceMonger: Experience the incredible capabilities of SpaceMonger, your ultimate solution for effortless disk drive space scanning, mapping, and management. This tool streamlines the process of reclaiming storage space on both personal computers and shared networks. Furthermore, it boasts the ability to swiftly identify sizable files and folders through intuitive Treemap visuals, allowing you to navigate your storage landscape with ease. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to locate files based on size, type, and custom criteria, making your search for specific items a breeze.
Stardock Spacemonger Screenshot
Stardock Object Desktop 12

Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


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In general, Stardock Object Desktop can be evaluated as a collection of interface customization and optimization software on the Windows operating system; it provides many professional features to help users be flexible in personalization.

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