Download VMware Workstation Pro for Personal Use

VMware Workstation Pro Now Free for Personal Use

Great news for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals! VMware has announced that VMware Workstation Pro, a leading desktop hypervisor, is now available for free for personal use. This exciting update makes it easier than ever for individuals to access powerful virtualization software without the associated costs.

Key Points:

  • Availability: VMware Workstation Pro can now be used for free by individuals for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  • Features: Users can enjoy all the robust features of VMware Workstation Pro, including advanced virtual networking, high-performance 3D graphics, and seamless integration with vSphere.
  • Support: The free version includes full support for the latest Windows and Linux operating systems, providing a versatile tool for testing and development across different platforms.

For more details, visit the official announcement pages:

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore and utilize VMware Workstation Pro for your personal projects and enhance your virtualization experience without any cost.

Download Vmware Workstation Pro For Personal Use
Download Vmware Workstation Pro For Personal Use 1

Download VMware Workstation Pro (Latest Version Installer)

Downloading VMware Workstation Pro has posed challenges for some users on the developer and Broadcom websites. To alleviate these difficulties, WinningPC has taken the initiative to download the installers from and make them readily available. By sharing the latest version directly, WinningPC ensures that users can easily access and install VMware Workstation Pro without the hassle. This effort simplifies the process, enabling users to quickly benefit from the powerful virtualization capabilities of VMware Workstation Pro. For an effortless download experience, visit WinningPC and get the latest installer version today.

After downloading VMware Workstation Pro, don’t forget to verify the integrity of the installer by checking its SHA2 or MD5 hash. This step ensures that the file is complete and has not been damaged or tampered with during the download process. Checking the hash values guarantees that you have a safe and authentic version of the software.
Download from WinningPC

VMware Workstation Pro for Personal (For Windows) 17.5.2

  • Name: VMware-workstation-full-17.5.2-23775571.exe(618.26 MB) Build Number: 23775571
  • Last Updated: May 16, 2024
  • SHA2: 2c3a40993a450dc9a059563d07664fc0fb85ae398a57d22b1b4bf0e602417bf7
  • MD5: c0a0353c1dade2089b55ce04ca942964
  • Download link: VMware-workstation-full-17.5.2-23775571.exe (pass:

VMware Workstation Pro for Personal Use (For Linux) 17.5.2

  • Name: VMware-Workstation-Full-17.5.2-23775571.x86_64.bundle(510.58 MB) Build Number: 23775571
  • Last Updated: May 16, 2024
  • SHA2: a9da5e9b785ab98c6f49d1e769f6885028fd115c96e3cf0e6d22da3112b89a21
  • MD5: 70adb9ba7305972eeb845eac5d69b32e
  • Download link: VMware-Workstation-Full-17.5.2-23775571.x86_64.bundle (pass:
Download from

If you prefer to download the VMware Workstation Pro installer directly from the source, you can do so from the Broadcom support website. Follow these steps for a smooth download experience:

Leave a comment here if you need any help or further assistance.

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  1. After a long time, a different kind of software. Thanks for yr efforts

  2. Wow Broadcom, the company for VMWare, is an ignorant consumer/end-user antagonizing company, I never saw so many impossible hoops of fire to jump through.

    Must register, good luck with that.

    I eventually found an email loop.

    They wouldn’t tell me or let me know what is my USER ID, it may be whatever they say it is, we have no control, it might be our First and Last name, it might be our email address, they ain’t telling.

    And, they need to track cookies and store data on our computer or they won’t relate to us.

    They have a fine-print PDF explaining how to open our computer and browser to their invasion, otherwise, no downloads from them.

    ALTERNATIVE: Oracle is giving away VirtualBox, so Broadcom better figure out how to make an INVITING relationship with real people. otherwise, their user base will age out and disappear, with no new folks EVER.

    Geesh, what a cat’s ass trophy Broadcom is.

    Thanks, WinningPC for at least offering the files here, but if we need something from Broadcom, all bets are off.


    • Hi Mr. Peter,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered with Broadcom’s registration and user ID process. It sounds frustrating, and I understand your concerns. We wrote this article to make downloading easier for VMware users.

      • “… Hi Mr. Peter, Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback. I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered with Broadcom’s registration and user ID process. It sounds frustrating, and I understand your concerns. We wrote this article to make downloading easier for VMware users …”

        … and THANK YOU,, for doing an OUTSTANDING job of making acquisition of the vendor’s offering EASY, as you always do, in spite of the vendor’s archaic, even inexcusable, mistrust of potential customers, and the vendor’s malcoordination and masking of their own policies.

        Companies wonder why they are failing.

        Companies are failing because they IGNORE feedback from users of sites such as us here at

        Aside from Broadcom themselves making their user experience arduously and arbitrarily dysfunctional, not ONCE in the process did Broadcom say “THANK YOU” – not that any steps were successful at all when dealing directly with Broadcom.

        WinningPC LEADED off with “THANK YOU” – the very first words.

        Starting off with “THANK YOU”, or at least summarizing with “THANK YOU” ( as I see that I did — oops, but at least I got it in there somewhere ), sets up a frame of mind for constructively moving forward.

        So, THANK YOU again,, for making acquisition of new software experiences easy and successful, to everyone’s benefit – I hope vendors’ learn from’s clean, simple, straight-forward example.

        Thank you.


        • Thank you very much for your kind reply. I hope you always find the best things on our website! <3

  3. Is Fusion Pro or Hypervisor also free?
    IS Fusion Pro available in PC as well?

  4. This is actually free for use now here is the key if needed if provided one no work

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