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As we all know, copy and backup data is one of the jobs that take a lot of your time and effort. So we have found a tool to help solve the above problems is SmartSync Pro software. If you have installed and used SmartSync Pro software, users should not ignore another product of SmartSync software manufacturer that is the SmartSync Monitor tool. SmartSync Monitor is an application that allows you to monitor and control each copy of SmartSync Pro installed on your LAN or Internet.


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Feature Highlights

Features & Screenshot

SmartSync Monitor is a simple sounding application, but it offers a lot of useful features for any user as follows:

  • Attractive and easy to use interface

Similar to many other software products and similar to SmartSync Pro, SmartSync also brings SmartSync Monitor a beautiful, attractive, user-friendly, and especially easy-to-use interface. Whether you are a novice, a tech novice, or an IT professional, SmartSync Monitor can be used for the first time. Just follow the simple instructions in SmartSync Monitor, and you will be using SmartSync Monitor like a pro.

Smartsync Monitor Screenshot
Smartsync Monitor 1
  • Displays the status of all configurations

The next feature that SmartSync Monitor brings to the user is the ability to display the status of all configurations. Keeping track of the profiles on your device can be quite difficult because you don’t know where to find them. However, with SmartSync Monitor you can easily monitor the status of all configurations through this amazing SmartSync Monitor feature.

  • Allows remote SmartSync Pro upgrade

Because SmartSync Monitor software was born with the main function of monitoring and controlling copies of SmartSync Pro, users can perform SmartSync Pro upgrades remotely via SmartSync Monitor. This is considered a quite useful and time-saving feature because users do not need to access SmartSync Pro to perform this upgrade.

Allow Remote Smartsync Monitor
Smartsync Monitor 2
  • Allows you to view the profile’s log, run and stop profiles.

Add some breakthrough features of SmartSync Monitor again that is SmartSync Monitor which helps users to view profile logs. In addition, enabling or disabling or in other words running or stopping the configurations is also done on SmartSync Monitor.

Show Log Smartsync Monitor
Smartsync Monitor 3
  • Gather information about your backups

Thanks to SmartSync Monitor, users can easily aggregate and monitor all information about their backups in a single software, SmartSync Monitor. This will help users save time while also easily managing their data.

In addition, the SmartSync Monitor software also gives users a lot of useful features such as an attractive and easy-to-use interface, displaying the status of all configurations, allowing you to view the logs of the configuration, run and stop configuration, and disable or enable configuration and all information about your backups.


Technical Details

Product specification
Language SupportEnglish, Français, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows
ShippingA license key will be sent to you via email to unlock the software for use
Support ServicesEmail

User’s and Editor’s scores

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7.5Expert Score

In general, SmartSync Monitor is designed and published by SmartSync users and rated as a handy application for all those who want to keep track of their scheduled sync jobs with SmartSync Pro.

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